Monday, December 21, 2009

The New Mr. & Mrs. Dan and Chris Paprocki!!!

 (I know I am slow, I apologize!!)

On Saturday, December 12th, at the home of Chris' parents in Coal City, Illinois, Danny and Chris were officially married!!!!  It was an extremely intimate ceremony and very nice!!  Chris looked beautiful (of course) in her gown and Danny cleans up pretty nicely!!!  Steven stood beside his brother as best man and Cale was the ring bearer.  They both looked so handsome!  Chris' sister was her maid of honer and looked great her blue dress.  Paired with the red and white rose bouquets and poinsettias, everything was perfect!

The ceremony was very sweet.  Once they were pronounced husband and wife, they kissed and we all clapped.  Well, the next thing we know, in comes the family dog running up to everyone wagging her tail.  I guess she thought it was her day!!!  Very cute!

Once the ceremony was done, it was picture time and then we were off to the Rockwell Inn for a delicious dinner and what had to have been the best cheese cake that I have EVER had!!!!!

It was a fantastic day!  I cannot wait to throw the shower and for June for the even bigger celebration!!!!

Here are a few pics from the day.  Lauren had my camera and she has issues doing things right handed so there are only a few!!  Enjoy and hopefully we can get some of the professional ones on here some day soon!!!

The newlyweds hanging out in the secluded corner booth!!

Hamming it up at the bar!!!

Mrs. Big Yank and Mrs. Little Yank
aka...Kris Paprocki and Chris Paprocki

Lauren loved this door!  Weird girl!

Tuesday, December 8, 2009


Ryan has officially been promoted to "Rink Rats" for Hockey.  Basically, what this means is that he no longer needs to hold onto a chair to skate.  He can do it by himself while holding a hockey stick.  His next lessons start in January and he will be on the ice without Daddy!  I'm not sure Daddy can handle this!  This Saturday and next Saturday, he will attend an off ice shooting clinic at the Rockford Ice Hogs training facility.  Pretty cool!!  This week he may have to wear his suit to the lesson in order for us to make it to Danny and Chris' wedding on time (we will have plenty of time...don't worry people!!!).

Here are a couple of pictures from his last "Chair Hockey" lesson....

Daddy getting Ryan psyched up to skate...

It worked!!!  Look at him go!!!

Check out his shiner!!!  Totally hockey like - but he got it in gym class!

Final sweaty head of chair hockey!!  He loves that!!!

Tuesday, December 1, 2009

Basketball Update

Here it is!!!!  A basketball update on the same night that it occured!!!!  However, I forgot the camera today, so no pictures...sorry!

Cale did GREAT!!!!  First of all, his blood glucose was in complete control the entire time (now I just have to see how it affects him during the night). 

Second, Daddy was able to get the night off from teaching so that he could come and see Cale play.  He was so proud!  He was also very impressed with the coaching (happy Papa?).  I think he figured that we would just see a group of boys playing around, but the entire time is actual lessons.  They are either doing drills, practicing layups, shooting baskets, you name it. 

Tonight, they learned about "faking".  They did a practice drill where one boy would be dribbling down the court, he would pass it to another player who in turn would pass it right back.  Then they would "fake" passing back but instead turn and pass to the next player.  They continued two more times and then made a shot for the basket.  Cale made it several times!

To end the night, they had another scrimmage game.  All of the boys did such a good job.  They were blocking, dribbling (most of the time), shooting and rebouding.  They have come a long way in these past few weeks.  Only two more weeks to go and then it is time to sign up for the next session.

Cale is really having a fun time.  I am very impressed with his following everything that his coach is explaining, every time!!!  He is doing amazing!!! 

Thursday, November 26, 2009


We hope that everyone has a happy, filling, safe and restful Thanksgiving!!

By the way, to all of you you who live where the sun is the "norm", we woke up to snow on the ground.  Not enough to do anything, but the grass was covered!!!

Monday, November 23, 2009

Basketball - Week 3 Hockey - Week 5

Basketball, week 3 brought on some new techniques and more drills.  Cale loved it!  He has done great with dribbling, but has started getting better at bouncing from one hand to the other.  They had some dribbling races and, for the most part, he kept pretty good control of the ball. (If I could figure out how to download videos, I would have several here...but the little icon that I need is not on my tool bar - what's up with that???)  Cale has also been working on shooting.  Sometimes, he is too far under the basket, but his "coach" really works with him.  Once Cale is shown how to do something, he heads to the back of the line, waits for his next turn and when it is his time, he does EXACTLY what the "coach" told him last time.  It is so cute.  Ah...the memories of high school and basketball games!  Walking into the gym brings about a smell that makes me feel 17 again!!!  I don't know if that is good or not.  Especially since I am bringing my 8-1/2 year old son to play basketball.  There is not a lesson this week because of Thanksgiving.  Cale was really bummed about that, especially since this would have been the only Tuesday that Daddy wasn't teaching and would be able to come and watch.  But, Daddy surprised him and was able to get next Tuesday off so that he can come and watch.  Now he is a happy boy!!!

Practicing dribbling.

Nike ad...even though he is wearing FILA.

Onto Hockey - Week 5.  Unfortunatly, due to circumstances beyond my control (and if you know Ryan - you completely understand) there was no Week 4 hockey.  But, skipping one week really didn't do Ryan any harm.  He went out onto the ice without a chair AT ALL!!!!  He took off!  Pat would skate to one side of the rink and Ryan would make his way to him, stick in hand.  Oh, of course he fell.  That ice is slippery!!  If you could see my vidoes (I know, I know) you would be surprised at how good he did.  You would also get to see Pat almost fall!!!  And, we realized that those of us in the bleachers need to keep quiet when Ryan is on a roll.  Every time, and I mean every time, Ryan was going at it, we would make a positive comment and BAM onto the ice he would fall!!!  He was pretty wiped out after this practice.  Unfortunately, lessons on Friday night, after a very long week of kindergarten, takes a toll on a little man.  He also banged his elbow up, but once we left the rink, he forgot all about it.  He was still very pleased with his sweaty hair after taking off his helmet.  Only one more week left of this lesson (next week because of Thanksgiving) and he is done until January.  Although, according to him in the car after this past week, he's all done.  Not so my man, not so.  He is doing good and always wants to go, he just gets tired.  Who wouldn't???

Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Basketball - Week 2

Cale had his second basketball lessons today.  He had so much fun!!  He started out with dribbling and doing some practice drills.  Then they learned guarding.  The boys were paired up and showed how to guard each other.  Well, I don't think that Cale knew that basketball ISN'T a contact sport.  He was grabbing kids and pulling them down to get the ball.  Kinda funny.  Then he figured it out.  No contact!  Once that was established, he did great!  The kids were split into teams and had a little scrimmage game.  He made 3 baskets and was awesome at rebounding!! 

It was really cute to see the kids playing.  Some would get the ball and just start running, without dribbling the ball.  Some tried to guard their own teammates (Cale included). 

Cale said that he had a great time!  I really hope that the fun continues because I really think he will do well in this sport.  Now to just figure out how to handle his blood sugar during this time.  He dropped very quickly tonight.  But, he downed about 4 glucose tabs and was good to go.  Next week, we will try something different.  Just not sure exactly what I will do. 

Oh, and I am sorry there are no pictures.  I did have the camera with me, I just totally forgot while watching the kids play!!!  Next week!

Sunday, November 8, 2009

Hockey...Week 3

Friday was Ryan's third week in chair hockey...only now we just call it hockey because, as you can see, he doesn't have to use a chair!!!  Of course, he still had some spills, but overall, he did pretty good.  AND, he doesn't get discouraged!!!  In a couple of weeks, he will be out-skating Daddy!!!!  His favorite part of the night is taking off his helmet at the end so that he can show off his sweaty hair!!! DORK!

And away he goes!!!

Getting ready for the puck to drop!!

I really thought that I had a lot more pics from this week, but I actually have a lot of video.  I really need to figure out how to post those, they don't seem to want to load for me!!!

Wednesday, November 4, 2009

Air Sowers

Cale had his first basketball lesson last night at the YMCA.  At first, we weren't sure if he was going to go because his Blood Sugars were running really high.  He had even come home early from school to help get them down (they are now down and looking good).  We had changed his pod and he lounged around the rest of the afternoon and seemed really tired.  But once we got outside and were on our way...look out!!!  Fresh air is amazing!

Cale is the oldest in his group.  The ages for this class are 6 - 8 years old.  He is also the tallest in the group, but no surprise there (I could tell that his teacher was really excited about that...he kept mentioning it and even commented that he would have to raise the net to accomodate him!!!). 

He did really good!!!  He kept control of the ball while dribbling.  He was shooting really good and was hitting most of the practice lay ups!  He commented that he really had some trouble bouncing the ball from hand to hand while standing still.  I told him that is why you practice.  Daddy has just cleaned the basement and there is plenty of room to practice all types of dribbling!  He's all for it!

He told me this morning that he really had a good time and cannot wait until next week. I am so glad. I hope he continues on! Another signing bonus to help with Mommy and Daddy's retirement!!! Who could ask for more?????

The shoes...once they are paired with Basketball attire...not so bad!

Warming up....and so color coordinated!

Gotta stretch!!!!!

Practicing passing.

My cool dude!!!!

Better pictures will be coming in the next weeks...

Sunday, November 1, 2009

The Sowers Boy's Halloween

Hallween has come and gone!!  Here are a few pictures of the boys...they didn't last very long with trick or treating...IT WAS FREEZING and windy!!!!!!  But they had fun!

Cowboy Ryan

He HAD to have a beard!!!!  Nice face!!!!

Captain Jack Sparrow

Is it wrong that I think he looks good with eyeliner????

Sunday, October 25, 2009

Watch out Patrick Kane.......

Here comes Ryan Sowers!!!!!

Ryan had his first Chair Hockey Lesson on Friday night. After a while, he didn't want to use the chair. Next Friday, he will not use the chair, he will use a hockey stick.

Oh sure....he fell several times - but not so bad for being only his second time on the ice. And he was always smiling and never complained.

 I think we can look forward to a very nice signing bonus so that Mommy and Daddy can retire, preferably to Maui!!!!!

Here come the Hawks....the mighty Blackhawks!!!! Captain - Ryan Sowers!!!!!
(Can they fit 666 onto a jersey???  Just kidding!!!!)

Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Attention Andrea!!!!

Please bend over....and pull your head out of your butt!!!!! I am so out of it lately!!!!
Happy Late Anniversary Tracie & James!!!!!!
Hope you had a great one!!
(And some people don't believe that personal ads work!!!!)

Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Endo Visit

Today was Cale's three month endo visit. I had some concerns going into this appointment. Just within the last week, Cale has been breaking out in a rash underneath his pod. It bothered him so much that he actually woke me up at 1:30 this morning complaining and wanting it changed (I had just put it on a little over 24 hours prior). It was soooooo red and raised and itchy. We cleaned it off and then lathered his arm in hydrocortizone cream. Then we placed the new one on his back. Back to bed he went. I made him shower in the morning to remove anything left from the old pod and sent him off to school. Well, he comes home and it is all red under the new pod site. I make him keep it on (horrible mother!!!) so that the doctor can see it. Deep inside, my heart is breaking because I know that he is allergic to something in the adhesive for the pod and I'm wondering if this could mean the end of the pump....any pump. I keep a brave face on and tell him that Dr. C will know exactly what we can do to stop the itching. AND HE DOES!!! I was told that it most likely is an allergy to something in the adhesive and even though he has been on the pod since February, it could have taken that long for his body to realize it. It also could just be something in this batch of pods and the adhesive on it (fingers crossed on that one). However, in the meantime, I am to use skin prep on the pod site and then place a Tegaderm HP patch over that and THEN put the pod on. I can do that!! And I did just that as soon as we got home and so far so good (knock on wood). That was about 7 hours ago. I really hope this either works or it was a fluke allergic reaction to this batch. sigh.......

On to the appointment also know as Mommy's Report Card. I, or course, have no idea what to really expect. Cale's numbers were unbelievably within range throughout most of the summer. Then school started and, well, not so much. I was lost. A tweaked Basal here and a tweaked Insulin to Carb Ratio there. Tweaks would work for a couple of days and then BAM!!!! Craziness!!! Tweak again, within range, then crazy!!

So we gave our nurse his numbers log, reviewed all of our presets on the PDM, marked his height and weight on the chart (over the 95% in height - he's 4'8" and about 85% in weight - he's 70.9 lbs - yes, he is signed up for Basketball in November!!), checked his blood pressure, she chatted with him a little and then it was my time. I held my breath and waited....6.7%!!!!! YES!!!!! Now I know that he has had some highs and some lows that basically "cancel" each other out, but I was just looking back at his log and that has only been over the last couple of weeks. It seemed so much longer in my mind! Needless to say, I am a happy Mommy! Dr. C high fived him when he got into the room and he gave him the once over with eyes, ears and what not, we revised a couple of Basal rate times, discussed what to do with the allergy, discussed what to do with Basketball, updated our scripts and then he wished us a Happy Everything and we were sent on our way until January!!

I walked into the appointment totally worried about the allergy (still a little worried, but glad we have some options) and left feeling pretty good about things. I even got another "You are doing a good job" from my husband (I wish I had a tape recorder for that...I am always being told that I shouldn't worry so much about the overnight numbers. Now he sees why I check when I do and why I sacrifice my sleep for our son's well being and future.) Ok...done tooting my own horn now. Now I just have to focus on doing as I have been and see where there can be some improvements. And maybe catch a few zzzzz's before BG check time.

Thursday, October 8, 2009

The Pictures Are On-Line!!!!

Who wants to see pictures from Lauren and Kevin's wedding???
then click on Order On-Line and then choose Paprocki/Kleinjan.
You can order anything directly from this site.
(Please ignore all of the pictures where I look like and exercise time...oh who am I kidding??!!!)

Friday, October 2, 2009

MORE DAY!!! Run Kevin Run!!!!

Thursday, October 1, 2009


Wednesday, September 30, 2009

MORE DAYS!!!!!!!!

Tuesday, September 29, 2009


Monday, September 28, 2009


Tuesday, September 8, 2009

Numbers and School

Why oh why can't diabetes at least be "black or white"? Why so many variables? Why? I ask you why???

At the end of the summer, Cale's BG was about 90% within range at any given time. I was thrilled!! I felt confident!! I was really looking forward to his next endo appointment just so that I could be told his A1C!! Then school started...and everything went to the dogs.

Two hours after breakfast, his BG is consistently over 225. Why?? During the summer it was under 150. So, no morning snack for Cale. He wasn't so happy about that. Then lunch would roll around...this year, the school is trying something different and having recess before the kids eat in the hopes that it will make them eat more. Ok...that I understand (most kids would eat very little in order to have more recess time-I witnessed that a lot last year) for the kid whose pancreas was working. But not for Cale! Now, we have to take into account how much running around he did at recess and factor that into his bolus calculations for lunch afterwards. AND....Cale has gym 1-1/2 hours after eating. So that also has to be kept in the back of our minds at lunchtime. Not to jinx myself (or our fantastic nurse at school) but so far so good. The only thing that we have had to do is have Cale eat a small snack right before gym...even though his number (at that time!!!) is within range, but will still be going down. Seems to be working. (I would set up a different basal rate for that time of day, but sometimes, in gym, they are running and playing and what have you....other times, it is low key.)

Now let's get back to the morning. First, I played with the Insulin to Carb ratio. No luck. Then I decided to up his basal rate. That worked....too well. The first day of the new basal rate, two hours after breakfast his BG was 54!!! So not where I wanted his BG to be. Back to the old basal rate. Waited for the next morning to see what it would bring...110!!!!!! Yes...we did it!!!!! Or so I thought. That was last forward to today and his BG 2 hours after breakfast was....wait for it....425!!!!! What the (^*%!!!!!!! what? He ran a little higher (nothing too too bad) until around 2:00. Then everything was back to within range. Why...why....why?????

I think I will wait and see what tomorrow morning brings and then a nice little phone call to the endo will be made. I know it is his job, but I would rather just be able to use my teeny tiny little brain to figure it out, but like I said, nothing is "black or white" with Diabetes. NOTHING!!!!!

Thursday, September 3, 2009


Does anyone else find it just too coincidental that Ryan is acting out (to put it mildly) and that there is a full moon on the 4th???? Something to ponder.

Wednesday, September 2, 2009


I wish! Today, Ryan decided he didn't want to go to school. Now, those of you who know and love Ryan, probably know how the remainder of the morning went. And you would be correct. I tried to be calm, I tried to be rational, I nicely put him in the bathroom to get ready (he didn't do a thing in there), I ended up calling Pat at his training in Wisconsin (that didn't help), I quickly sent Cale off so that he wouldn't miss the bus and I had it out with Ryan.

Now to be fair, he is getting a cold, but that does not mean he can stay home or be a brat. So, once Cale was gone I had to explain several things to him.
  • Today is his day to bring the snack and if he isn't at school, his friends do not get a snack.
  • He is not "sick" and if he does start to feel bad, he tells his teacher and then he goes to the nurse who will know for sure if he needs to be home (he doesn't have a fever and I gave him some daytime cold/cough medicine).
  • If he doesn't go to school, Mommy and Daddy could get in trouble for not sending him.
  • AND, this is what did it, he won't be ready now for the bus and I would have to drive him to school. He was happy as a clam (are clams really happy???) to be driven and was all smiles after that.

So now I need to find out if there is trouble on the bus or what his deal is. If there is a deal or if he is just stubborn (Ryan????). As I said...FUN TIMES!!!

Monday, August 24, 2009

Attention Auntie Lauren!!!

Here is a picture of their shoes!!!

First Day of School

It is here...the first day of school!! Ryan was very excited (he woke up at 5:45) and Cale was like "oh is starting" (I know he was excited too).

Here are some pictures....

Ryan's first day of kindergarten!!!

The third grader and the kindergartener

Do we have to go to the bus stop now?????

Is the bus coming soon Mommy? (I heard this several times)

Cale helping his little brother and our little neighbor girl onto the bus for their very first times

Ryan waiting to go into his room (looking a little apprehensive I think)

Ryan and Karolyn (our neighbor) checking out the turtle

Ryan found his "lillypad"

I'm not gonna lie...I had tears. Cale is so big now and Ryan isn't a baby anymore (although his "baby" blanket looks very lonely right now) and I am all alone. I know I couldn't wait for this time to come, but why so fast and now what??????
By the way...I didn't get to see Ryan get off of the bus, but I was told by a friend that he jumped off and said "that was awesome!". Thinking back...I think Cale did the exact same thing. Must be the shirt, they both wore the same one for their first days of kindergarten.

Sunday, August 23, 2009

Last day of summer....

Although the calendar says is the last day of summer for the boys. School starts tomorrow!! Cale is staring the third grade and Ryan is officially in kindergarten!!! Today, we will be going to the school to attend the Kindergarten Open House so that Ryan can meet his teacher and see his classroom. He is excited even though he already knows his teacher (same one that Cale had, she is GREAT!) and has been in his classroom several times already (they have a turtle and a Guinea pig). He spent a lot of time at the school with me last year when I would help out in the cafeteria and with recess duty. The kid knows the school inside and out. He doesn't seem nervous at all and maybe that is why! He really can't wait to ride the bus!

So our last day all together. Kinda bittersweet! I know I talk about going out of my mind with them all day (they do fight A LOT!!!!) but after tomorrow, it is just me for over 7 hours...ALONE...what to do, what to do....I guess the house will be clean. If only I would get one of the jobs that they keep posting at the schools. That would be ideal!!!!

So, at 7:30 tomorrow morning, the boys will be getting on the bus, I will be following and making sure Ryan gets to his room ok. Then I have quiet time until 11:00 when they get out and then we are off to CoCo Keys, the indoor water park here in Rockford. If it is how I think it will be, we should have no crowds to deal with. Then comes Tuesday, full day for both!!! I have a feeling I will be calling/texting several people all day until I come to grips with really being alone!!!

Monday, August 17, 2009

We have upgraded!!!

We now have the new and improved PDM for the OmniPod! It is so much easier to read than the old PDM. This screen is larger, in color and very bright!! The old one was usable, but very hard to see in the middle of the night. It was hard to read even with the backlight turned on. The new PDM also has the capabilities to download to the computer AND there is a light for the test strip! Another plus for the middle of the night testing!

I would say that the only drawback is that the buttons on the bottom are tiny and take some getting used to. The old ones were very easy to use, but the more I use the new ones, the easier they are. Good luck to Pat and anyone else with larger fingers!!!

It's so pretty!

Friday, August 14, 2009

And the award goes to....

Andrea for Mother of the Year!!!

Here is why....I was working at our school on Wednesday and Thursday filling in for our regular secretary who was having fun at the fair with her cows. My in-laws were very kind to watch the boys both days. AND I was very fortunate that my father-in-law came to the school each of those mornings at 8:30 to pick them up. (Thank you Papa!!!)

Wednesday went fine. We pulled into the parking lot, the boys jumped out of my car and into his. Off they went for a fun day. Fast forward to Thursday, same thing happened, out of one car and into the other. Nice and smooth right???? Guess again!

Two hours later, I receive a phone call from my I still have Cale's backpack with all of his diabetes supplies? I run out to the car and sure as s&*t...there is was in the backseat. So Papa drove the 45 minutes back to the school to pick up the backpack. Then he drove the 45 minutes back to his house and got there just in time for lunch. Thankfully, it was a beautiful day and he brought the convertible and had the top down. He had a nice birthday drive (did I mention that it was also his birthday?? Absent minded daughter-in-law of the year award coming soon!!) all alone.

It's been two years since Cale was diagnosed and we have been using the exact same little black backpack the entire time!!! It goes everywhere with us! I swear, one of these days I will pull my head out of my butt and take a nice deep breath!

Thursday, August 6, 2009

Two years ago today...

had to have been one of the worst days of our lives. August 6, 2007 was the day that Cale was diagnosed with Type 1 Diabetes. All of our lives (his the most) were changed in one single blood test. 4 days were spent in the hospital learning more than I ever wanted to know about carbs, 2 different types of insulin (thankfully that has been brought down to one), timing meals (a thing of the past), fiber, protein, name it. The first day was the worst. How do you explain to a six year old that he can no longer just eat anything he wanted whenever he wanted? How do you explain that he needs to check his blood all of the time by poking himself in the finger? How do you explain that he will have to have several shots a day? How do you explain to him that this needs to be done to keep him not only healthy, but alive? How will we all get through this?

Fast forward two years, Cale has been amazing! Sure he has his moments when he gets very "down" about having diabetes, who wouldn't? But he has been so responsible it is a relief yet saddening at the same time. He NEVER eats anything without checking with us first or without checking his blood sugar. His endocronologist praised him up and down during his last visit for being such a good boy. The 6.9 A1C result that he received at that visit just showed that we are doing everything that we can for Cale. After his diagnosis, his A1C was elevated at his first visit but it has done nothing but come down since. (Enter big sigh and smile here) Cale is even doing great counting carbs and adding everything up for us. 6 months of being on the pump has improved everything tremendously and I believe has given him more self esteem in regards to the diabetes.

That day 2 years ago was pure hell, and trust me, we have had our "bad" days since, but overall, things couldn't be going better. Let's just keep Hoping for a Cure!!!!!

Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Dear Lauren ~

Here is an updated post!!! Happy???

I promise to start posting more often. Now that I can sit in my living room and use the computer, I will be able to do so once Frick and Frack are in bed. I will be downloading pictures soon and will be able to do more with the blog.

Now get off my back and get back to work!!!!

Love ~


Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Camp Update

Here I am at the hotel computer. Not much privacy here seeing I am basically in the lobby. But I wanted to update everyone on how Cale is doing at Camp Confidence. HE LOVES IT!! When I picked him up yesterday and asked how it was, his reply was "I am totally coming back next year and the year after that I want to go to overnight camp!". I guess he likes it. The only downside has been that the pool at the camp has been having pump problems and will not be open all week. They were supposed to swim everyday at the end of the day. So now they are just playing a lot of water games. He was soaked when I picked him up today. Good thing, this weather is unbearable already!! Tomorrow is supposed to be close to 100 with the heat index!!!! Frozen water bottles will be packed for the day!! At least he can come straight back to the hotel and go directly into that pool, which is where are right now with Daddy. They are having a ball!!!

Saturday, June 20, 2009

It's almost time!!!!!

Camp Confidence is only two days away!! This morning we had a parents meeting and the kids got to see the camp. Aside from the mud and puddles left by yesterday's horrible downpour, it wasn't bad. Cale is excited. He saw several kids wearing the Omni Pod. I caught him looking at a girl that had her pod on the lower part of her upper arm. The wheels in his brain were turning, I could tell. He is going to have so much fun and I don't have to make beds or clean for five days!!! Hotel life, fun times!!! Check back next weekend for more details on how camp went!!!

Sunday, May 31, 2009


8 years old already!!! Seems like just yesterday I could hold your entire body in my arms, all you could say was "on" and ceiling fans could entertain you forever. Now you are almost past my shoulders in height, have a very large vocabulary and are as active as any person could be. Ceiling fans are now just for cooling off and Legos, Star Wars and Pirates are your entertainment! I hope you have a GREAT birthday Buddy!! I love you!!

(Pictures from today's party will be posted later)

Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Congratulations are in order!!!

Way to go Cale!!! It is official...he has won a scholarship to the ADA Camp Confidence!! I (finally) checked my voice mail this morning and there was a message from yesterday informing us about his big win. I called back this morning to confirm and it is true!!!

He has been really excited about going to camp and I think that this is really going to boost his spirits even more. He wrote his entire 2 paragraphs by himself (I did help with some spelling) AND he even added a picture he drew of himself at camp. I am so proud of him!!! My mother-in-law believes that this is the first of many scholarships for Cale. Wouldn't that be nice?!

Thursday, May 14, 2009


It's official...Cale has been accepted to the ADA Camp Confidence. I told him yesterday when he got home from school, and he did the had into a fist and arm to the side thing and said "YES!!". I am so glad that he is excited about going to camp.

I read through all of the paperwork and we have to supply nothing except a child and his lunch (and his remote for the OmniPod). They supply everything else. Had he still been taking injections, they supplied the needle and insulin. They will have an abundance of glucose meters, all the same type, all around the camp. The only thing with having a pump is that someone (me) has to be able to be reached at all times in case of questions regarding the pump, if the Pod falls off, or if there in an obstruction and insulin is not being delivered.

That being said and the thought of home being 68 miles away from camp, I booked a suite at a local hotel for the week that is only 4 miles from camp. It has a FULL kitchen (way nicer than mine at home - stainless steel!!!), a living/dining room and a bedroom. Not to mention a pool!!! It will be a little vacation for me and Ryan (Daddy will most likely be staying with us also so that he is only about 20 miles away from work as opposed to 75 - gas money savings...cha-ching!!!). Ryan and I will spend all day by the pool enjoying the sun (jealous Lauren??? Although, given the current circumstances at work, you may be able to visit!!!). There is free breakfast and we won't have to go anywhere else to eat. I will just bring with our normal weekly groceries and cook in the room. Ahhh...a vacation to DesPlaines, Illinois. Not what I would have picked, but to benefit Cale, I am all for it. I guess I will have to wait on going to Maui!!!! Keep dreaming Andrea!!!!!

Sunday, May 10, 2009

Cale's First Holy Communion

Here they from Cale's First Communion that he made on May 2nd. I was having some problems with my camera and the fact that it didn't want to transfer everything to my computer (that has now been resolved with my fancy schmancy new camera that I got for Mother's Day!!!).

What a ham!!

Could he look any older???

How angelic looking!!!

It was a gorgeous day and he looked so handsome and OLD!!! The mass went by fairly quick. The priest obviously knew what he was doing having 32 seven and eight year olds in the pews without parents. Although, they all were very well behaved. Maybe he should sit else where every week???

We had to unfortunately postpone the family party after the service. Ryan had been throwing up for a couple of days and was finally coming around, but no one needed to be exposed to whatever he had. I personally think it was just a stomach bug, he had no fever or anything else wrong. Thank goodness for Uncle Kevin. He was kind enough to stay home with him so we could all attend Cale's mass. Ryan was falling asleep as we were leaving and woke up about an hour later and they played games and put together a puzzle. He was ready to eat when we got home and was fine ever since. Uncle Kevin is the "kid whisperer"!!!! Here he is right before we left for church.....

Well there you go people. I actually posted something. I would have put up more exciting pictures, but Auntie Lauren has them on her camera. I promise to post more often, so more nagging!!!!