Wednesday, September 30, 2009

MORE DAYS!!!!!!!!

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Tuesday, September 8, 2009

Numbers and School

Why oh why can't diabetes at least be "black or white"? Why so many variables? Why? I ask you why???

At the end of the summer, Cale's BG was about 90% within range at any given time. I was thrilled!! I felt confident!! I was really looking forward to his next endo appointment just so that I could be told his A1C!! Then school started...and everything went to the dogs.

Two hours after breakfast, his BG is consistently over 225. Why?? During the summer it was under 150. So, no morning snack for Cale. He wasn't so happy about that. Then lunch would roll around...this year, the school is trying something different and having recess before the kids eat in the hopes that it will make them eat more. Ok...that I understand (most kids would eat very little in order to have more recess time-I witnessed that a lot last year) for the kid whose pancreas was working. But not for Cale! Now, we have to take into account how much running around he did at recess and factor that into his bolus calculations for lunch afterwards. AND....Cale has gym 1-1/2 hours after eating. So that also has to be kept in the back of our minds at lunchtime. Not to jinx myself (or our fantastic nurse at school) but so far so good. The only thing that we have had to do is have Cale eat a small snack right before gym...even though his number (at that time!!!) is within range, but will still be going down. Seems to be working. (I would set up a different basal rate for that time of day, but sometimes, in gym, they are running and playing and what have you....other times, it is low key.)

Now let's get back to the morning. First, I played with the Insulin to Carb ratio. No luck. Then I decided to up his basal rate. That worked....too well. The first day of the new basal rate, two hours after breakfast his BG was 54!!! So not where I wanted his BG to be. Back to the old basal rate. Waited for the next morning to see what it would bring...110!!!!!! Yes...we did it!!!!! Or so I thought. That was last forward to today and his BG 2 hours after breakfast was....wait for it....425!!!!! What the (^*%!!!!!!! what? He ran a little higher (nothing too too bad) until around 2:00. Then everything was back to within range. Why...why....why?????

I think I will wait and see what tomorrow morning brings and then a nice little phone call to the endo will be made. I know it is his job, but I would rather just be able to use my teeny tiny little brain to figure it out, but like I said, nothing is "black or white" with Diabetes. NOTHING!!!!!

Thursday, September 3, 2009


Does anyone else find it just too coincidental that Ryan is acting out (to put it mildly) and that there is a full moon on the 4th???? Something to ponder.

Wednesday, September 2, 2009


I wish! Today, Ryan decided he didn't want to go to school. Now, those of you who know and love Ryan, probably know how the remainder of the morning went. And you would be correct. I tried to be calm, I tried to be rational, I nicely put him in the bathroom to get ready (he didn't do a thing in there), I ended up calling Pat at his training in Wisconsin (that didn't help), I quickly sent Cale off so that he wouldn't miss the bus and I had it out with Ryan.

Now to be fair, he is getting a cold, but that does not mean he can stay home or be a brat. So, once Cale was gone I had to explain several things to him.
  • Today is his day to bring the snack and if he isn't at school, his friends do not get a snack.
  • He is not "sick" and if he does start to feel bad, he tells his teacher and then he goes to the nurse who will know for sure if he needs to be home (he doesn't have a fever and I gave him some daytime cold/cough medicine).
  • If he doesn't go to school, Mommy and Daddy could get in trouble for not sending him.
  • AND, this is what did it, he won't be ready now for the bus and I would have to drive him to school. He was happy as a clam (are clams really happy???) to be driven and was all smiles after that.

So now I need to find out if there is trouble on the bus or what his deal is. If there is a deal or if he is just stubborn (Ryan????). As I said...FUN TIMES!!!