Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Deep Thoughts...By Ryan Sowers

Just thought I would share with you a few of Ryan's philosophies on life...

On Easter, my parents came over for Brunch and I asked Ryan if he would like some orange juice, his response "I don't like orange juice, it has hair in it!". Ok...note to self, Ryan does not like pulp.

Then today, he asked why Jake was always licking his (oh how do I put this nicely) nuts. I told him that Jake doesn't have those anymore. He wanted to know why so I told him that when Jake was a puppy, we took him to the doctor and he removed them. He looked me straight in the eye and said "How is he not dead then?".

Only a child......

Wednesday, April 8, 2009


Cale had his three month endo appointment today.....I almost peed my pants and cried at the same time...our (ok...his) A1C is ~~~~~

What a beautiful and lucky number. Now here's hoping we can at least maintain this level. I am totally in love with the extend button on the Omni Pod, it has really helped A LOT!!! (Not to mention the different basal rates!)

Everything is looking very good with Cale. Dr. Carrion is very pleased with his progress. He is still off the charts in height and the 90% for weight (skinny string bean!!!). Our wonderful doctor filled out his portion of the application for Diabetes Day Camp as we sat with him in the exam room - he was thrilled that Cale wants to go to camp! So by tomorrow afternoon, all forms will be completed and in the mail for his application. Here's praying for no waiting list!!! Next comes the paragraph Cale has to write to try for the "scholarship" to camp. Fingers crossed!!!!

Thursday, April 2, 2009

Camp Confidence

Cale made a very important decision today. He told me that he has thought about it and he wants to attend Camp Confidence - an ADA sponsored Diabetes Day Camp - this June. I had asked him about it a couple of weeks ago and showed him the website (which included a video showing what the kids do all week - he was mesmerized!). At that time, I told him to think about it. (You can check it out at by clicking here: www.diabetes.org/diabetes-camp/about-ada-camp-confidence.jsp)

Today, I received an email from our representative at the ADA which explained how a child can get a scholarship to Diabetes Camp. There are 4 - $250 scholarships available in the Rock River Valley (our area). All he has to do is write 1 - 2 paragraphs about why he wants to attend camp. So I told him about it and asked if he had decided to go to the camp or not. He was very excited to tell me he wants to go and is going to enter for the scholarship.

This is going to be so great for him. I know he will be going there not knowing a single person...but I am positive he will leave there after the week is over with several new friends. There is also an option to send non-diabetic siblings, but I don't think Ryan would stay - or would he????

This particular camp, which is by no means next door, is located in Des Plaines. It will be a long week of driving to get him there by 9:00 a.m. and picked up by 3:00 p.m., but I think it will be well worth the time. I'm sure a few of those days can be spent tooling around that area. Even if I head home daily, it is a very positive opportunity for Cale. Next year, he is old enough for sleep over camp (need to start saving now for that one) which is located very close to our old house. That will be exciting!!! As it stand now, he will be one of the older kids at day camp.

Now it is time to fill out the application and get his doctor to complete several forms. At least we have (ok...he has) an appointment on Wednesday. I can give them to him at that time to fill out. I hope we can get all of this done asap. I don't want to be placed on a waiting list. Fingers crossed!!!!

Wednesday, April 1, 2009

Tis the season....

And I'm not talking about Santa and reindeer and candy canes. I am talking about Spring and the fun times that we get to experience with our tornado sirens! (Seriously...for me they ROCK!!! My kids would beg to differ!)

Here is a picture of what was spotted less then 10 miles to the south of our house as it traveled to just over a mile to the west of us. THEN...another funnel cloud and rotation was spotted less than 5 miles southwest of us that traveled right over our house!! All of this was going on yesterday as the boys and I were eating dinner. I didn't even hear the sirens until my mom called (as they were driving over to watch the boys) to let me know - she was a little giddy too!!

Naturally, the boys freaked out. We went down into the basement and sat under the stairs. It is amazing how small an almost 8 year old boy and a 5 year old boy can get when they both need to sit on Mommy's lap. The whole time I wanted to go upstairs to look, but that would have caused mass hysteria!! (And why does this always happen when Pat is not home???)

Finally, the sirens stopped and I went upstairs to take a look (Cale opted to stay in the basement and Ryan clung to me like a baby monkey). The sky looked so COOL!!!! If I had known where my camera was, I would have been going crazy taking pictures.

I am absolutely fascinated with tornadoes, but at the same time, don't hit my house please!!!