Wednesday, April 8, 2009


Cale had his three month endo appointment today.....I almost peed my pants and cried at the same time...our (ok...his) A1C is ~~~~~

What a beautiful and lucky number. Now here's hoping we can at least maintain this level. I am totally in love with the extend button on the Omni Pod, it has really helped A LOT!!! (Not to mention the different basal rates!)

Everything is looking very good with Cale. Dr. Carrion is very pleased with his progress. He is still off the charts in height and the 90% for weight (skinny string bean!!!). Our wonderful doctor filled out his portion of the application for Diabetes Day Camp as we sat with him in the exam room - he was thrilled that Cale wants to go to camp! So by tomorrow afternoon, all forms will be completed and in the mail for his application. Here's praying for no waiting list!!! Next comes the paragraph Cale has to write to try for the "scholarship" to camp. Fingers crossed!!!!


Christine said...

I can't remember what Cale had the last time you posted something about his number, but I'm pretty sure it wasn't anywhere near 7!

That is great!!!!

I was really hoping the Omni Pod was going to work out for everyone, and that it was going to stay attached to Cale's ever-moving little body!!!

I was so glad to see the title of this post!

:) Tracie said...

Ok, you suck!

That A1C is AWESOME!!! Since Jes' Dr. appointment her numbers have been in the 100's except for maybe twice. So we'll see....

I'm so glad to hear that the pod is working wonderfully for Cale! Isn't it the difference between night and day? And the freedom you guys now have is awesome too, it's almost as if you can let your brain go.......hmmmm, maybe that's what happened with our A1C.....yeah yeah that's it. Seriously, great job Mom!

We'll talk soon, but in the meantime have a great Easter and say hello to everyone for me!