Sunday, May 31, 2009


8 years old already!!! Seems like just yesterday I could hold your entire body in my arms, all you could say was "on" and ceiling fans could entertain you forever. Now you are almost past my shoulders in height, have a very large vocabulary and are as active as any person could be. Ceiling fans are now just for cooling off and Legos, Star Wars and Pirates are your entertainment! I hope you have a GREAT birthday Buddy!! I love you!!

(Pictures from today's party will be posted later)

Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Congratulations are in order!!!

Way to go Cale!!! It is official...he has won a scholarship to the ADA Camp Confidence!! I (finally) checked my voice mail this morning and there was a message from yesterday informing us about his big win. I called back this morning to confirm and it is true!!!

He has been really excited about going to camp and I think that this is really going to boost his spirits even more. He wrote his entire 2 paragraphs by himself (I did help with some spelling) AND he even added a picture he drew of himself at camp. I am so proud of him!!! My mother-in-law believes that this is the first of many scholarships for Cale. Wouldn't that be nice?!

Thursday, May 14, 2009


It's official...Cale has been accepted to the ADA Camp Confidence. I told him yesterday when he got home from school, and he did the had into a fist and arm to the side thing and said "YES!!". I am so glad that he is excited about going to camp.

I read through all of the paperwork and we have to supply nothing except a child and his lunch (and his remote for the OmniPod). They supply everything else. Had he still been taking injections, they supplied the needle and insulin. They will have an abundance of glucose meters, all the same type, all around the camp. The only thing with having a pump is that someone (me) has to be able to be reached at all times in case of questions regarding the pump, if the Pod falls off, or if there in an obstruction and insulin is not being delivered.

That being said and the thought of home being 68 miles away from camp, I booked a suite at a local hotel for the week that is only 4 miles from camp. It has a FULL kitchen (way nicer than mine at home - stainless steel!!!), a living/dining room and a bedroom. Not to mention a pool!!! It will be a little vacation for me and Ryan (Daddy will most likely be staying with us also so that he is only about 20 miles away from work as opposed to 75 - gas money savings...cha-ching!!!). Ryan and I will spend all day by the pool enjoying the sun (jealous Lauren??? Although, given the current circumstances at work, you may be able to visit!!!). There is free breakfast and we won't have to go anywhere else to eat. I will just bring with our normal weekly groceries and cook in the room. Ahhh...a vacation to DesPlaines, Illinois. Not what I would have picked, but to benefit Cale, I am all for it. I guess I will have to wait on going to Maui!!!! Keep dreaming Andrea!!!!!

Sunday, May 10, 2009

Cale's First Holy Communion

Here they from Cale's First Communion that he made on May 2nd. I was having some problems with my camera and the fact that it didn't want to transfer everything to my computer (that has now been resolved with my fancy schmancy new camera that I got for Mother's Day!!!).

What a ham!!

Could he look any older???

How angelic looking!!!

It was a gorgeous day and he looked so handsome and OLD!!! The mass went by fairly quick. The priest obviously knew what he was doing having 32 seven and eight year olds in the pews without parents. Although, they all were very well behaved. Maybe he should sit else where every week???

We had to unfortunately postpone the family party after the service. Ryan had been throwing up for a couple of days and was finally coming around, but no one needed to be exposed to whatever he had. I personally think it was just a stomach bug, he had no fever or anything else wrong. Thank goodness for Uncle Kevin. He was kind enough to stay home with him so we could all attend Cale's mass. Ryan was falling asleep as we were leaving and woke up about an hour later and they played games and put together a puzzle. He was ready to eat when we got home and was fine ever since. Uncle Kevin is the "kid whisperer"!!!! Here he is right before we left for church.....

Well there you go people. I actually posted something. I would have put up more exciting pictures, but Auntie Lauren has them on her camera. I promise to post more often, so more nagging!!!!

Wednesday, May 6, 2009

Coming soon.....

......Cale's First Communion pictures. I promise everyone out there that is pestering me that they will be posted by the end of the week. Thank you for your patience!!!!!