Monday, September 27, 2010

WWII Re-enactment

So I haven't been blogging for quite some time now.  I finally have a moment to sit and type.  Wasn't sure what to write here has been the boys' life lately....WWII (unless it is raining out, then it turns into Vietnam - thanks Forrest Gump)!!!  I believe that I am one of very few mom's that actually have a load of laundry that she has labeled "camo".  They have soooo much of it!!!

On Sunday, they went with Daddy and Grandpa to the nation's largest WWII Re-enactment and had a BLAST!!!  Here are some pics of their fun day....

Yes, they had to wear some of their "gear".  They were not too happy that they couldn't bring everything!!

I heard that Cale acutally "cocked" this when he got up there.  Those are blanks, but the guy freaked a little!

Look out!!!

They told me what kind of gun this was....sadly, I wasn't listening.

Hey...Auntie Lauren...I WANT JUICE!!!

They want this built in our back yard!!

Why am I thinking of MASH right now???  I know, wrong war!!

I don't think they really wanted to leave.