Sunday, May 31, 2009


8 years old already!!! Seems like just yesterday I could hold your entire body in my arms, all you could say was "on" and ceiling fans could entertain you forever. Now you are almost past my shoulders in height, have a very large vocabulary and are as active as any person could be. Ceiling fans are now just for cooling off and Legos, Star Wars and Pirates are your entertainment! I hope you have a GREAT birthday Buddy!! I love you!!

(Pictures from today's party will be posted later)


:) Tracie said...


When did that happen?

You and Jessi are the same age right now.

I hope you had a great Birthday and enjoyed yourself! I'll bet you got more Legos!!

Lauren said...

Awe, what a sweet post! I remember the "on" days as well...and the 'Dauntie' days as well as spending the day at Spring Hill Mall watching him sit on a giant clipboard! Now, I am his dorky Aunt who always buys clothes! (One of these days he will appreciate me buying clothes and when he wants those $90 pair of shoes to be cool, you know who he will be calling!!!)

I hope he had a fun time at his birthday and I hope he's rockin' to that i Pod!!!

:) Tracie said...

He got an iPod?!?! lucky dog!

You may not realize this yet.....but you have just gained some sanity in your car travels! That is until he starts to sing out loud to it.