Wednesday, April 1, 2009

Tis the season....

And I'm not talking about Santa and reindeer and candy canes. I am talking about Spring and the fun times that we get to experience with our tornado sirens! (Seriously...for me they ROCK!!! My kids would beg to differ!)

Here is a picture of what was spotted less then 10 miles to the south of our house as it traveled to just over a mile to the west of us. THEN...another funnel cloud and rotation was spotted less than 5 miles southwest of us that traveled right over our house!! All of this was going on yesterday as the boys and I were eating dinner. I didn't even hear the sirens until my mom called (as they were driving over to watch the boys) to let me know - she was a little giddy too!!

Naturally, the boys freaked out. We went down into the basement and sat under the stairs. It is amazing how small an almost 8 year old boy and a 5 year old boy can get when they both need to sit on Mommy's lap. The whole time I wanted to go upstairs to look, but that would have caused mass hysteria!! (And why does this always happen when Pat is not home???)

Finally, the sirens stopped and I went upstairs to take a look (Cale opted to stay in the basement and Ryan clung to me like a baby monkey). The sky looked so COOL!!!! If I had known where my camera was, I would have been going crazy taking pictures.

I am absolutely fascinated with tornadoes, but at the same time, don't hit my house please!!!


:) Tracie said...

You do have a freakish love of scary skies! My girls would have been the same way, all up in my lap. But I tell you what.....I'll take an earthquake over a tornado ANY day! Granted, the first few quakes were scary...but now, pishaw, no big deal! AND they don't come every season....or that often at all really.
I hated tornado watches and warnings. I can't even remeber if our town had a siren or not....I probably would've freaked out! I loved thunder and lightening...give me a good storm anytime, but hold the twisters.
In your excitement, did you grab all the important stuff? Who am I kidding...that's like asking me if we have a disaster/emergency supply!
You do get alot of action where you live!

Christine said...

This is an April fools joke, right??

Isn't this the tornado from last year (that destroyed the apple orchard)?

Andrea said... is totally true. No April Fools joke. After the sirens stopped, I was able to go look out front towards the north and you could still see some rotating clouds up in the sky. IT WAS AWESOME!!!!