Wednesday, September 2, 2009


I wish! Today, Ryan decided he didn't want to go to school. Now, those of you who know and love Ryan, probably know how the remainder of the morning went. And you would be correct. I tried to be calm, I tried to be rational, I nicely put him in the bathroom to get ready (he didn't do a thing in there), I ended up calling Pat at his training in Wisconsin (that didn't help), I quickly sent Cale off so that he wouldn't miss the bus and I had it out with Ryan.

Now to be fair, he is getting a cold, but that does not mean he can stay home or be a brat. So, once Cale was gone I had to explain several things to him.
  • Today is his day to bring the snack and if he isn't at school, his friends do not get a snack.
  • He is not "sick" and if he does start to feel bad, he tells his teacher and then he goes to the nurse who will know for sure if he needs to be home (he doesn't have a fever and I gave him some daytime cold/cough medicine).
  • If he doesn't go to school, Mommy and Daddy could get in trouble for not sending him.
  • AND, this is what did it, he won't be ready now for the bus and I would have to drive him to school. He was happy as a clam (are clams really happy???) to be driven and was all smiles after that.

So now I need to find out if there is trouble on the bus or what his deal is. If there is a deal or if he is just stubborn (Ryan????). As I said...FUN TIMES!!!

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