Tuesday, December 8, 2009


Ryan has officially been promoted to "Rink Rats" for Hockey.  Basically, what this means is that he no longer needs to hold onto a chair to skate.  He can do it by himself while holding a hockey stick.  His next lessons start in January and he will be on the ice without Daddy!  I'm not sure Daddy can handle this!  This Saturday and next Saturday, he will attend an off ice shooting clinic at the Rockford Ice Hogs training facility.  Pretty cool!!  This week he may have to wear his suit to the lesson in order for us to make it to Danny and Chris' wedding on time (we will have plenty of time...don't worry people!!!).

Here are a couple of pictures from his last "Chair Hockey" lesson....

Daddy getting Ryan psyched up to skate...

It worked!!!  Look at him go!!!

Check out his shiner!!!  Totally hockey like - but he got it in gym class!

Final sweaty head of chair hockey!!  He loves that!!!


:) Tracie said...

Gym class my butt, quit beating your child!

Lessons before a wedding.....gonna make for a nice smelling kid later!

I can't get believe there's two weddings in one year over there! Lauren's wedding must have really got Danny in gear. What a copycat!

You snowed in yet? I heard it's like 6 degrees.....I'm cold over here in the high 50's! (I forgot how cold it was last time I was there...I'm a wuss, I know) At least the boys are going to get some good use out of the snowmobiles this year!

Anonymous said...

How fun! My daughter wants to take ice skating lessons this winter. There is a new session starting in Feb.

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(I've included you in my blogroll already.)

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