Monday, December 21, 2009

The New Mr. & Mrs. Dan and Chris Paprocki!!!

 (I know I am slow, I apologize!!)

On Saturday, December 12th, at the home of Chris' parents in Coal City, Illinois, Danny and Chris were officially married!!!!  It was an extremely intimate ceremony and very nice!!  Chris looked beautiful (of course) in her gown and Danny cleans up pretty nicely!!!  Steven stood beside his brother as best man and Cale was the ring bearer.  They both looked so handsome!  Chris' sister was her maid of honer and looked great her blue dress.  Paired with the red and white rose bouquets and poinsettias, everything was perfect!

The ceremony was very sweet.  Once they were pronounced husband and wife, they kissed and we all clapped.  Well, the next thing we know, in comes the family dog running up to everyone wagging her tail.  I guess she thought it was her day!!!  Very cute!

Once the ceremony was done, it was picture time and then we were off to the Rockwell Inn for a delicious dinner and what had to have been the best cheese cake that I have EVER had!!!!!

It was a fantastic day!  I cannot wait to throw the shower and for June for the even bigger celebration!!!!

Here are a few pics from the day.  Lauren had my camera and she has issues doing things right handed so there are only a few!!  Enjoy and hopefully we can get some of the professional ones on here some day soon!!!

The newlyweds hanging out in the secluded corner booth!!

Hamming it up at the bar!!!

Mrs. Big Yank and Mrs. Little Yank
aka...Kris Paprocki and Chris Paprocki

Lauren loved this door!  Weird girl!


Christine said...

Yay!!! Thank you for the awesome post! I was hoping to see that picture of us in the corner booth! I forgot Dan did his best impersonation of a "wasted" person in that photo (which he was not)! Lauren seemed to catch Dan's silly side through photos that day! He has a nice wide-eyed grin going on in the other picture! That's my man!

Great little summary of the day too! I loved the strawberry swirl cheese cake and the carrot cake. Both were excellent!

We've seen some of the photographer's pictures. Great ceremony pictures and family pictures! And some wonderful pictures with Cale, Ryan, and my family's dog, Maggie. I hope to share them with you all very soon!



:) Tracie said...

Well it's about time you posted!

Sounds like a wonderful wedding! Chris looks absolutely beautiful! And Danny's not so bad either!! For getting married in cold weather, they look very warm....the glow they both have is awesome.

Congratulations to you guys!

Now all you have to do is work on Steven's turn!