Tuesday, December 1, 2009

Basketball Update

Here it is!!!!  A basketball update on the same night that it occured!!!!  However, I forgot the camera today, so no pictures...sorry!

Cale did GREAT!!!!  First of all, his blood glucose was in complete control the entire time (now I just have to see how it affects him during the night). 

Second, Daddy was able to get the night off from teaching so that he could come and see Cale play.  He was so proud!  He was also very impressed with the coaching (happy Papa?).  I think he figured that we would just see a group of boys playing around, but the entire time is actual lessons.  They are either doing drills, practicing layups, shooting baskets, you name it. 

Tonight, they learned about "faking".  They did a practice drill where one boy would be dribbling down the court, he would pass it to another player who in turn would pass it right back.  Then they would "fake" passing back but instead turn and pass to the next player.  They continued two more times and then made a shot for the basket.  Cale made it several times!

To end the night, they had another scrimmage game.  All of the boys did such a good job.  They were blocking, dribbling (most of the time), shooting and rebouding.  They have come a long way in these past few weeks.  Only two more weeks to go and then it is time to sign up for the next session.

Cale is really having a fun time.  I am very impressed with his following everything that his coach is explaining, every time!!!  He is doing amazing!!! 

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:) Tracie said...

Glad to hear Cale is liking B-ball so much! And Dad came...nice.

Your camera has an on button ya know! How else are you gonna get blackmail pictures like I do?