Wednesday, February 18, 2009

So good

Well, Cale has been pumping for almost 48 hours now and he is LOVING IT (who am I kidding, so am I!)!!!!! His BG has actually stayed fairly close to his target range (we have had 2 very highs and 2 lows...still working on that). He loves hearing the pod make it's very, very faint noise as the insulin is being administered. It is actually music to my ears. He also loves showing off his pod to anyone that will look.

We still have some questions here and there, nothing too major. Our endo's nurse is very helpful as is our school nurse. I am telling you, we really lucked out with our school nurse. I am trying to figure out how to bring her with us when he moves up to the next school. Or maybe I can adopt her...

One little problem would be Ryan. He still needs to remember that Cale is wearing the pod and not to tackle and pull on him. Yesterday, he actually caught the pod and while it didn't come off, some of the adhesive was torn. Oh well, boys will be boys and brothers will be brothers. My only thought was, thankfully there isn't any tubing to yank on and pull out the infusion site.

Tomorrow is our first pod change. Shouldn't be too difficult. I have already gotten the adhesive remover wipes and tonight is shower night so the boy will be squeaky clean!

I know that there is a lot more to learn and there will be some bumps in the road, but right now, I have felt a weight lifted off of my shoulders just looking at his BG these last two days. I'm still not sleeping much because of the testing in the middle of the night (I went back to our smaller meter with the awesome light - the PDM is just too bulky for a top bunk - then I manually input it), but that is just fine with me. I want to get this right!!


Lauren said...

Where's a picture of the "real" thing? (not the saline one!)

You gotta put one up!

:) Tracie said...

Yea, where's the real one!?!?

If Cale had tubing, it probably would've been on the floor! But remember what you told me about the football player, so this pod is tough...

The lows will happen, not too much more often, but they will still be there occassionally. Jes still has them, but they are rare. The high's as well.

Couple more weeks and you'll be able to achange that pod in no time flat! In your sleep even!