Thursday, February 19, 2009

On my own

Last night, of course after doctor office hours, Cale had a little incident with his pod. The pod itself was starting to come off of the adhesive (the adhesive, however, was stuck on like it was applied with super glue). Of course, this was from him being a spaz and jumping up from the table and it catching on the edge of the table (it is on his belly). I took a look at it and noticed that there was some dried blood around the cannula. So, just to be safe, I called the endo and had him paged. Turns out the paging system is not working correctly and he never called back - we had it done twice and I have since talked to his office about it. At that point, I made an executive Mommy decision and I changed the pod. Now keep in mind, it wasn't due to come off until tonight at our appointment to learn how to change it. It was so easy, Cale probably could have done it himself if I trusted him with the large needle to insert the insulin. We are still going to our appointment, only to make sure that everything is right on track and learn the last few tidbits. I'm just assuming that this is just the first of many "incidents" that will need to be dealt with. I guess we will be "Just taking it one day at a time".

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Christine said...

Looks like you have run into some challenges, but it sounds like you are doing a great job keeping up with everything! Keep on truckin' lady!