Tuesday, February 24, 2009

I wonder what is in our water....

Yesterday, my neighbor and good friend called and asked if I would come over after school and check her son's BG. She was concerned because he had been drinking a lot of water lately and she knew that was one of the symptoms that Cale had when he was diagnosed with Type 1 diabetes.

I went over and her son, who is one year older than Cale, was so good about it. I had to actually "tick" his fingers three times to get anything and he just stood there and laughed when I was joking around with him about it. We got our sample and waited...359. He still had on a brave face. I had his mom called his doctor, who couldn't get him in that day (really????) and they told her to take him to the ER. I kept her calm and advised her to pack a bag for him and for herself - just in case. She kept tearing up, understandably, but was trying to keep a brave face on for her son. I stayed with her and kept reassuring her that even though she may be scared, mad, whatever, she will get through this. I told her that if he does indeed have diabetes, it is manageable and I am always here, WHENEVER for WHATEVER.

Keeping in my helping mode, I took her younger daughter (who is in Cale's class) home with me with an overnight bag - again, just in case. Several hours later, she called and said that they were on their way home. After all of their blood work from the hospital came back, his BG was 274. The ER doctor felt that he would be fine at home since his vitals were good and he wasn't dehydrated (I'm still questioning sending him home, but I don't have a medical degree). They are going to see their family doctor today for further testing and whatever happens, I am going to be there for her every step of the way. By no means have I mastered diabetes (who really can?) but I like to believe that I have mastered being a mother to a child with diabetes and that is what I have to offer.


Shannon said...

This same thing has happened to me. The only problem was when I tested the 2 year old little girl and she was at 263 her parents refused to believe diabetes was a possibility. They to this day have not taken her into the Dr. It makes me sick to think about!

Your friends is lucky to have you! I hope things turn out ok!

:) Tracie said...

And here I thought it just ran in our family.

She's very fortunate to have you as a neighbor! Good for her being aware like that as well, probably from your knowledge too. She'll have an excellent advisor, that's for sure!

I'm stunned she got sent home as well. Hello?! Nobody blinked at the red flag being waved in their faces? I sure hope their Dr. uses his common sense as well as his medical degree......today anyway.