Thursday, March 3, 2011


(Warning....picture overload!!)

Seven years ago today, Ryan Patrick entered the world after 18 long hours of labor and one c-section, weighing 9 pounds 7 ounces (I KNOW!) and measuring 20 inches long.  Our lives have not been the same since!!!  I mean that to be a positive - mostly!! 

Ryan is a very cute (and I'm not just saying that because I made him!), energetic, headstrong, funny and smart little boy.  He can be the biggest cuddler ever, but if you get on his "bad" side...LOOK OUT!!!! 

He loves school and is a perfect little student.  He is so into building models right now that it isn't even funny!  He is growing up so fast!!  It is so hard to believe that he is over halfway done with 1st grade!  He's not my baby anymore...he's a KID!!

Happy 7th Birthday Ryan - I love you!!!!!

Baby Ryan - still in the hospital

Look at those big eyes!!!

Ryan's First Birthday

Goofing around while Daddy is building the deck...quick cover him up!!!

Crazy hair guy!!!


This is how we found him when his 3rd Birthday party was starting.


Ryan's 5th Birthday...such a dork!!

Waiting for Pre-School graduation to start.

My little hockey guy...who refuses to play now!

Our little White Sox in the making!

Cool guy on his Kindergarten Field Trip.

Ryan and his 2 best buddies at their 1st Grade Halloween Party.

My 7 year old boy!!!



Lora said...

Happy Birthday Ryan!!!

:) Tracie said...


We love you!

LaLa said...

Happy Happy Birthday, Ryan!
I think he's super cute and I had nothing to do with making him! :)

My oldest Emma, is going to be 7 n Tuesday! Sniff Sniff - they are getting SO big!