Monday, March 7, 2011

LIttle Turkey!!

On Thursday (yes, on his birthday) Ryan lost yet another tooth.  He came home from school with it in a little tooth necklace.  He showed it to me and my first thought was "do we have any cash in the house"?  I know, sad to have to think if we have enough cash to cover a teeny, tiny tooth (if you know Ryan, you know just how teeny, tiny those teeth really are!) but we do use our debit card for everything.  Luckily, we did!!  But....

Ryan didn't want the tooth fairy to take his tooth.  He asked me straight out if she had to come or if he could keep it.  I said he can keep it, but there won't be any money left!  He was fine with that. 

Fast forward to today (Monday)....Ryan comes running out of his room with the tooth necklace yelling "I knew it, I knew it!!  You are the tooth fairy!!!".  Come again spaz???  He had put the tooth under his pillow last night, without either Pat or I knowing, and it was still there this morning.  He just kept jumping around and doing his little butt dance (he can really shake that thing...look out Chippendale's!!!) singing "you are the tooth are the tooth fairy". 

Once Beavis settled down, I told him that I am not the tooth fairy.  "Yes you are!!  She didn't come and take my tooth!"  Thinking quickly I replied that the tooth fairy only comes on the day that you loose your tooth.  You can't hold onto it for days and then expect her to come.  He had no response (yet).....take that you sneaky little turkey!!!! Fingers crossed!


:) Tracie said...

Wait.....he also said he wanted to keep his tooth. That's why it was still there. And if you keep your tooth, she can't leave money because then her boss will want to know why she's giving money away and has nothing to show for it.

What a monkey butt!

LaLa said...

bahahaha - what a TURKEY!!!
Way to think on your feet there, Tooth Fairy! :)

Lora said...

THATS FUNNY!!! I told my kids that I have to call so that she knows to come :)

However, the tooth fairy kept forgetting to switch out the goods so I had to fess up not too long ago.

carmen2u said...

I love that idea of the fairy only arriving on "the date of loss". It makes her sound like a cranky customer service rep who is reciting the warranty agreement. Hilarious!