Monday, September 27, 2010

WWII Re-enactment

So I haven't been blogging for quite some time now.  I finally have a moment to sit and type.  Wasn't sure what to write here has been the boys' life lately....WWII (unless it is raining out, then it turns into Vietnam - thanks Forrest Gump)!!!  I believe that I am one of very few mom's that actually have a load of laundry that she has labeled "camo".  They have soooo much of it!!!

On Sunday, they went with Daddy and Grandpa to the nation's largest WWII Re-enactment and had a BLAST!!!  Here are some pics of their fun day....

Yes, they had to wear some of their "gear".  They were not too happy that they couldn't bring everything!!

I heard that Cale acutally "cocked" this when he got up there.  Those are blanks, but the guy freaked a little!

Look out!!!

They told me what kind of gun this was....sadly, I wasn't listening.

Hey...Auntie Lauren...I WANT JUICE!!!

They want this built in our back yard!!

Why am I thinking of MASH right now???  I know, wrong war!!

I don't think they really wanted to leave.


:) Tracie said...

So Cale went postal.....

You know that one of those trenches would be an awesome snowball fort too!

Maybe one day I'll post on my blog.........

Christine said...

I'm told it is a B.A.R., Browning Automatic Rifle. It looked familiar because I've seen it in our video games. But I didn't know either so I had to ask Dan.

Andrea said...

Very nice Chris! I have heard that term A LOT here at home, I just choose to ignore it! Military is ALL I ever hear about!!!