Thursday, January 21, 2010

A little update

Here's the latest on Cale.  He is still getting daily injections.  His pod sites are looking better, but there are a few that still need some healing, mainly his arms.  That skin is the most sensitive.  His back and stomach look great though!

Cale amazes me daily.  He has yet to complain about getting the injections, aside from the occasional cold insulin.  I keep waiting for the time to come when he turns down a snack because he will need a shot.  It has been two weeks and I still haven't heard anything.  He has also not asked to have the pod put back on.  I am really very surprised.  Although, he is really loving when he, Daddy and Ryan play rough and there is no question about where his pod is so that it doesn't get knocked off.

While the injections are making me think more than normal, what with the carb counting (which isn't new) but with the taking into consideration his BG before eating, the carbs, the way he reacts with the carbs he is eating and with his insulin to carb ratio for that time of the day, my head is spinning!!  HOWEVER, his BG's have been pretty good!!  Sure, there has been a high here and there, but he is waking up right on target!!  For the most part, when he checks himself, he announces his number with what sounds like pride!  Now, I know that whatever his BG is has nothing to do with him and what he is doing, but he seems very happy when he sees what they are!!  Another highlite for Cale...he has started pulling up his own insulin into the syringes - correctly!!  He keeps thinking he may give himself an injection, but he is just not there yet!!  Baby steps!

Deep down, I am really hoping that he will be back on the pod soon.  It is just so much easier for him and seems more "natural".  But, we are still waiting for his sights to be completely clear and I am waiting for him to ask to start it up again.  In the meantime, I have started stocking up on the new products that we will be trying in the hopes that they will help with the allergic reaction.  Either keep your fingers crossed for him or pray that the pump people pull their heads out of their rears and figure out how to remove what is causing the reaction from the adhesive for so many people!!!!


Nama said...

Cale is such a brave & intelligent boy! We are so proud of both of you for being so responsible! Love you both.

:) Tracie said...

Pulling his own insulin....nice!

Glad he's healing well. Bet he's totally jazzed about playing rough with no worries!!!

Man, I don't wanna have to use my brain if Jes' pump ever gives problems! Good thing you have a little left!