Monday, January 11, 2010

Cale Update

Where do I start?  Cale is doing injections today.  Really kinda weird.  I have to actually do the math in my head!!!  I got too used to the pump giving me the suggested bolus!!  At least I dusted some of the cobwebs from my brain!!!

As I said in the last update of my last post, I kept Cale home from school today because he had been over 350 since midnight with ketones.  Slowly, but surely, we got him down with negative ketones.  By 1:00 pm he was 115!!!  BIG SIGH OF RELIEF!!!! 

I am still worried and upset, but at least he is doing better!!  Thank you all for the words of encouragement and for the suggestions.  I am going to look into the ideas.  I appreciate them so much!  Keep an eye out for my post after Cale's appointment.  I have a feeling it will be written through tears again!  Wait a minute, I need to stay Positive!!!!  I'm trying!!

Another update...per Chris' link, I have order a small bottle of mastisol.  Fingers crossed and thank you!!!!


phonelady said...

yes absoloutly stay possitive . I wish you well with the docs . I hate the docs and they never let up on me and I am always in tears when i leave the drs .

:) Tracie said...

Ok....go here

...this is a forum about allergic reactions to adhesive, it has ALOT of good suggestions.

Also look up;
Cavillon barrier wipe/spray
Bard barrier wipe
Benzoin Tincture

one gal uses these things in this order..

cortaid spray
Bard barrier wipe or All-Kare wipe
tagaderm HP
then the Pod

she says her kid REALLY rashes up.

Maybe talk to the Dr. about a Dermatologist referral, they might have ideas as well. Cale could be allergic to the chemical used in those adhesives to make them sticky called Colophony (or Rosin).

Hope this helps, but make sure you go to that link.