Monday, August 24, 2009

First Day of School

It is here...the first day of school!! Ryan was very excited (he woke up at 5:45) and Cale was like "oh is starting" (I know he was excited too).

Here are some pictures....

Ryan's first day of kindergarten!!!

The third grader and the kindergartener

Do we have to go to the bus stop now?????

Is the bus coming soon Mommy? (I heard this several times)

Cale helping his little brother and our little neighbor girl onto the bus for their very first times

Ryan waiting to go into his room (looking a little apprehensive I think)

Ryan and Karolyn (our neighbor) checking out the turtle

Ryan found his "lillypad"

I'm not gonna lie...I had tears. Cale is so big now and Ryan isn't a baby anymore (although his "baby" blanket looks very lonely right now) and I am all alone. I know I couldn't wait for this time to come, but why so fast and now what??????
By the way...I didn't get to see Ryan get off of the bus, but I was told by a friend that he jumped off and said "that was awesome!". Thinking back...I think Cale did the exact same thing. Must be the shirt, they both wore the same one for their first days of kindergarten.


Lauren said...

Awe!!!! How cute!!!! But, where are the pictures of their new shoes???

I hope they both had a good first day of school!

:) Tracie said...

They're SO big! How nice of Cale to be the role model for Ryan and the neighbor girl. I'll bet it helps that she's in Ryan's class too, makes things a little familiar for them both.

Now you'll be able to shop without interuption! Forget cleaning....go get a massage!

Lauren said...

That picture of Cale holding their hands is so sweet!