Sunday, May 10, 2009

Cale's First Holy Communion

Here they from Cale's First Communion that he made on May 2nd. I was having some problems with my camera and the fact that it didn't want to transfer everything to my computer (that has now been resolved with my fancy schmancy new camera that I got for Mother's Day!!!).

What a ham!!

Could he look any older???

How angelic looking!!!

It was a gorgeous day and he looked so handsome and OLD!!! The mass went by fairly quick. The priest obviously knew what he was doing having 32 seven and eight year olds in the pews without parents. Although, they all were very well behaved. Maybe he should sit else where every week???

We had to unfortunately postpone the family party after the service. Ryan had been throwing up for a couple of days and was finally coming around, but no one needed to be exposed to whatever he had. I personally think it was just a stomach bug, he had no fever or anything else wrong. Thank goodness for Uncle Kevin. He was kind enough to stay home with him so we could all attend Cale's mass. Ryan was falling asleep as we were leaving and woke up about an hour later and they played games and put together a puzzle. He was ready to eat when we got home and was fine ever since. Uncle Kevin is the "kid whisperer"!!!! Here he is right before we left for church.....

Well there you go people. I actually posted something. I would have put up more exciting pictures, but Auntie Lauren has them on her camera. I promise to post more often, so more nagging!!!!

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:) Tracie said...

Cale looks so good......and much older!!

Tell him we say he can take communion at church and get it stuck to the roof of his mouth!!

Maybe one of these days I'll post some recent pictures of us.