Wednesday, March 4, 2009

My Little Man is 5!!

It's official...Ryan turned 5 years old (last week - I know people, I'm slow, but as you can see by the date, I did try and post the next day)!! A whole hand!! He is getting to be such a big boy, when he wants to, he does still carry his rag of a blanket wherever he can.

On the Sunday before his birthday, we had people over (those who wouldn't be able to come on Tuesday - his real birthday). We had dinner and cake and presents. His cake had dump trucks on it (his choice) and his presents consisted of Legos, legos, legos, clothes and legos. (I wonder how that stock is doing?) He had a lot of fun, as you can see in the pictures.

Ryan and his Construction Cake

I'm 5...I ROCK!!!!!!

Ryan and Auntie Lauren

Then came his real birthday on the 3rd (he loved that he had more than one). He had a fun day. We played, he went with me to Cale's school for recess/lunch duty so he was able to play with the bigger kids on the playground. We went out for lunch to McDonald's - his choice. Then when Cale got home from school, Ryan opened his present...Legos. After Daddy came home from work, Grandpa, Uncle Steve and Auntie Lauren we over. We had pizza and cupcakes and he opened his presents...even more Legos. Oh and all of the gift cards he received also went to Legos!!

Breakfast Birthday Boy


Keep singing people!!!

Now that it has come and gone, Ryan loves to tell people that he is 5. It's weird, since last week, several people (checkers at the store, teachers at Cale's school) have asked him how old he is and he proudly says FIVE!!

Where has the time gone? I have found myself taking him out of the car and carrying him more. Soon I won't be able to do that - look at Cale, that kid is up to my shoulders, I couldn't carry him without needed my orthopedic doctor! Maybe I should have another...yeah right!!!!

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Lauren said...

He is so cute! (I know, looks can be deceiving!)

Thanks for finally posting....I was going crazy!

And, I cannot help it if this posts as Phoebe again - I don't know what I did. I should have it as "Dauntie" Lauren...