Monday, November 10, 2008

We are going to give it another shot...

(no pun intended)...asking our endocronologist about the OmniPod that is. We had our monthly support group meeting last Thursday and the OmniPod rep from our area was on hand with samples, paperwork and enough information to choke a horse.

In case you are wondering what I am talking about, the OmniPod is a tubeless insulin pump that Cale REALLY wants. Here is what the "PDM" that programs the pod(and has a built in glucose monitor) looks like as well as the "pod" itself:

Last visit our doctor vetoed it saying they didn't have enough experience with it and that it will end up wasting a lot of insulin. Well, it turns out (according to our very nice rep) our doctor has several patients on it and there are at least two people in his office that are completely trained in using the pod. As for wasting insulin, I waste a lot each month any way when I have to throw out the rest that is left in the vial because it has been "opened" for 28 days.

The rep had several of the pods on hand that the kids were able to put on and see how it felt without actually inserting the cannula (the needles were removed). Cale wore his for a full day (including going to school) and had said that he had forgotten it was on. Well, the rep also had a couple of pods with the needle included. I (being the brave one of the moms) offered to try one on. All I have to say is that if I ever get diabetes, I would want this pump from Day 1. Checking my blood sugar on my finger hurts more than inserting the cannula. I am not kidding. I wore the pod (filled with saline) for a full day. Had my arm not brushed up against it from time to time (I wore it on my stomach) I would have totally forgotten all about it. I sleep on my stomach and it didn't affect me in the least. Removing it was painless!!! Bandaids hurt more to remove. Pat wore one like the kids for a day and his only complaint was that it left some sticky stuff on his skin (however, he didn't use the wipe that came with it to remove it all). He even wore it to his class on Saturday and had forgotten he had it on.

Let's keep our fingers crossed that Dr. Carrion finally agrees to Cale getting the OmniPod. Actually, he will be getting this pump if I have to chain myself up in his office until he agrees!!! Trust me, no one wants that!!!

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:) Tracie said...

You have a child who is very active in his own caretaking that the Dr. should aknowledge that and realize the patients voice needs to be heard as well! As our Endo put it....."it's not rocket science"! If you need more chains, I'll overnight them to you.