Monday, November 3, 2008

Halloween Has Come and Gone!!!

May the force be with you Bat Man!!!

I didn't know that Anakin Skywalker was so cute!!!

Holy chest muscles Bat Man!!!

The boys had a blast on Friday!! We went trick-or-treating as soon as it was time. They went for about an hour and then decided that they wanted to hand out the candy at our house for a little bit. Fine by me...I made dinner while they did that. Daddy came home, we all ate and then went back out to trick-or-treat some the dark!!! A couple of houses in our neighborhood went ALL OUT!!! Car accident scenes, chain saw guys, guys hidden inside boxes by the front door to scare the poop out of kids.

Once we got back home, they went through their loot and choose their favorites to keep and the rest (and there was a lot) was traded for a toy. Not a bad deal for them, however, not so good for my waist line!!!

Earlier in the day, I hosted Cale's party at school (note to year, volunteer to be room parent for Ryan and for the following years, donate stuff for the parties. They are crazy!!!). The kids had fun. We made spiders out of egg cartons, pipe cleaners and crazy eyes. We played a mummy wrap game. We had face painting. There were a ton of snacks. And, what I think the kids liked best was Frankenstein's Laboratory (thanks for the poster Auntie Lauren! Cale took credit for it and kept it!!). I labeled five boxes as brains, hand, eyeballs, toes and teeth. I put a hole in the top of each box for little hands to fit in and underneath I put things that felt like those items. Teeth were dried beans, toes were little carrots, hand was a rubber glove that had slushy water inside, brains were cooked egg noodles and the eyeballs were peeled grapes. The eyeballs and brains were the biggest hit. The boys wanted to keep touching it and the girls were afraid. Of course, once I showed them what everything was, they all acted tough!!!

Now it's time to start planning for Christmas. HELP!!!!

P.S. Papa and Nonnie - the boys received their Halloween cards today!!

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