Saturday, May 7, 2011


I'm a little annoyed.  Ok, I am very annoyed!!!  Everyday at school, the nurse goes up to Cale's classroom at 9:15 for his morning BG check.  This is 2 hours after he gets his breakfast insulin and it is his class' snack time and 1 hour prior to PE.  What timing!!!!

It is arranged in Cale's plan that he gets just a correction shot if necessary and then a small snack.  Otherwise, just the small snack from his snack bag.  All of these snacks are 15 grams of carbs or less.  Today, he gets his BG checked.  It is exactly where it should be 2 hours after breakfast.  YEAH!!!  However, someone brought in cupcakes for a snack.  And I am not talking homemade cupcakes....I mean the ones you buy at Wal-Mart that are LOADED with frosting!!  At 9:15 AM!!  Seriously???  Normally, I get a call when something is brought in for snack.  NOT TODAY!!!  He was told to go ahead and have the cupcake....WITHOUT ANY INSULIN!!!!  WTF???!!!  Are you kidding me???  Even if he was hovering just above being "low", I would have given him insulin!!

So why was the nurse so concerned when she finally did call me at lunch time saying his BG was 372???!!!  Did this number shock her?!  Why was she befuddled by it??  DUH!!!!  And to top it off, it was pizza day at school, which I hate as it is anyways, but what can a mom do?  I am not going to tell him no every week on Friday.  For some reason, my kids LOVE the school's pizza.  Puke.....

I told her what I wanted done - please tell him to have plain milk, please have him bring the cookie home (why do they have to make the most carb laden cookies every pizza day?), yes he can have 2 pieces of pizza and please give him this much insulin.  Also, please test him in 2 hours.  I also calmly mentioned that he should have had a shot with the cupcake.  I didn't want to go all ape $hit on the phone.  It was hard to hear her as it was with her calling me from the loud lunchroom.  I also wanted to calm down before talking to her.  Come Tuesday, she has off on Monday, we will have a little talk.  Although, they only have 20 school days left of the year (where the heck did the year go??) and then he is off to a different building with the district's head nurse taking care of him.  I am getting very excited about that, the nurse part, not the he's getting older and moving up part!  She takes a great interest in the kid's with diabetes.  She asks about what they had for breakfast when doing BG checks and notes it to watch for trends on her own!!  She also does this with lunches.  Can she move in with me???

Anyway....2 hours after lunch, Cale was in the mid 200's.  Less than 2 hours later, after school, he was still hovering in the 200's.  Correction and off to play!  Pre-dinner....72!!!  Bedtime check...105.  Back to pretty BG's!!!!  Let's hope the night is more of the same!  Let's also hope she "gets it" on Tuesday!!!

I asked Cale about what he thought when he got home from school.  His response was, the nurse said I could have it!!  I can't get upset with him....he's just a kid...and I didn't.  I know in the back of his mind he was questioning it.  But the nurse said it was ok.  So, he listened.  She is an adult.  She is a nurse.  She would know what to do, right?!  Guess not!!  I did tell him to make sure and remind her to call me the next time an outside snack comes in.  He said he would and then went on his merry way.  I hate this!!!!  I hate all of this!!!!!

AND...on a side note...Cale is having an ipro CGM put on for a week on Monday.  This is just a small CGM that will track all of his BG's for the week.  We will "pop" it off after the week and turn it in for the numbers to be analyzed.  His A1C has been too high for our liking the past 2 times - and the last one included several swimming lows that didn't make it budge - YIKES, so we are going to see how he's doing all day long.  I only wish this would alarm for lows and highs.  But, it's not that kind of CGM - whatever!!!  I also hope that he doesn't have a reaction to the adhesive.  Fingers crossed!!!!!


Lora said...

They don't think sometimes, do they??

Lorraine of "This is Caleb..." said...

I remember things simply falling apart on the nurse from Caleb's kindergarten year. It seemed a little pointless to put so much energy into it when there was so little time left of school, but I did it nevertheless. We did have the following year at the same school though.

And not that things are falling apart for you guys, but I agree that you should still talk to her to make sure they don't. You don't need another single day like this in the next twenty.

I'm glad it all worked out. I hope he handled the plain milk and bring home cookie okay. Sounds like you handled it all like a champ.

Oh and happy mother's day!!!