Wednesday, April 6, 2011

We are back...

...and I now know that everyday real life is not fun!!!  While in Florida (an entirely different post will be done about our vacation), we had the normal "D" concerns.  I am convinced that if we had pool access all  year round, Cale would need very little insulin!!!  But, that was the only real concern!  We were able to relax, go with the flow and enjoy the sun (once it finally appeared). 

Today, it was back to sorting the mail into bills and garbage (same thing right?), getting the kids to school...fighting included (errrr!!!), dressing warm (I did wear flip feet are tan!), getting sucked into PTO drama as soon as I walked into the school and thinking about doing grocery shopping (I only thought about it, will actually do it tonight) and laundry.  Not fun things!

We did get to meet up with Lora and Justin at a cool video game spot near Tampa.  At first, both of the boys went in totally opposite directions to play their games while us "D" mamas chatted up a storm.  Once we decided it was dinner time, they had a blast together!!  Playing with ipods, talking military, shooting fake snakes out of peanut cans and asking for dessert (hmmmm....who did that - Justin?!)!!!  It was a great time!  I am so glad we were able to make our schedules work!!

And now a funny "D" moment.  One morning, we wandered down to breakfast at the hotel we were staying at near Busch Gardens in Tampa (that's a whole other gross story!) and as we were sitting and eating, we heard a "snap" sound.  My husband sarcastically laughs and says....someone just broke their plastic fork.  Cale and I said...nope, someone just closed a test strip bottle.  Sure enough, a lady sitting 2 tables away from us was testing her BG!!!!!  Our ears are trained!


:) Tracie said...

Too funny about the test strip bottle sound!! We are so trained!
Glad to hear you guys had a blast...loved the FB pictures!
The boys just needed to sit face to face and get over their shyness. What a great chance to meet a D Mom! Had I been smart enough, I would've met with Meri when she came out to Los Angeles....but nope, I'm a total ditz!
I'll bet your feet are tanner than mine...and we've been sunny! Although not today or the next few days, rain coming. bummer

Kris said...

LOL! Funny how we just know those certain sounds.

I was waiting outside the school one day and there were a few people around "Bee" and I. I went to bolus her high BG and I guess the beep was very familiar. The lady standing about 10 feet away from us pulled up her shirt a little and looked at her insulin pump. Then she looked over at us, laughed and said "Oh! I was wondering why MY pump would be beeping!" lol

And how fun that you got to meet up with Lora and her kiddos. I love her. She's awesome. Sounds like a great time!

By the way, thanks for your comment on my blog about our awful nurse. We are definitely not going to back down on this issue. It's been a horrible year and I refuse to let it go. But I am still counting the days until school is out. lol