Monday, February 14, 2011

You Don't Say

On Wednesday afternoon, Cale came home from school complaining that his head hurt.  The look on his face was not "normal".  I went over to him and touched his forehead...CRAP!!!  He has a fever!!!  I honestly thought that the "bug" that Ryan had for 5 days straight (fever and headache), over a week ago, had escaped Cale and he wasn't going to catch it.  Not so much!! 

Cale ended up staying home from school on Thursday and Friday.  The poor guy had to miss his Valentine's Day party (gotta say, I was disappointed for him...but relieved at the same time...remember the class Halloween Party?).  He was pretty miserable all of Thursday.  Highlight would be that he can now swallow an ibuprofen pill and that really brought the fever down, for awhile.  No more sugary filled liquid medicine!!  By the time his little brother got home after school on Friday, Cale seemed pretty much back to normal, with the exception of a cough and a little congestion.  But, he was all over the place!  The energy had returned!!

The entire time Cale had a fever, his BG's were slightly elevated, but nothing alarming.  It was 2 full days of constant BG checks and ketone checks.  He couldn't understand why I had him keep checking his ketones.  He is only used to them being checked when his BG is 240 or above.  He wasn't over 240.  BUT, at one point, he had moderate ketones.  So, he got a little "sick day" lesson on all of this.  The hard part is that my "little boy", at 9 years old is already 5 feet tall.  Try getting that to the bathroom in the middle of the night, when his BG is over 240 and he is SOUND ASLEEP!!!  Dad had to come help out with that one!

The crazy part was after the fever was gone.  Cale's BG's were out of control - but no ketones!  There was nothing bringing them down!  I had to give more insulin than ever in a single syringe!  Even now, they are still on the higher side.  Inside, I am mourning the non-use of our OmniPod (DAMN ADHESIVE)!! I so wish he was able to use the pump again.  I wouldn't cringe and have to hold back the tears in the middle of the night when I have to come at him in his sleep with a needle.  I could adjust the basals to help out.  We wouldn't have had to poke so many teeny tiny holes in his skin this weekend to try and bring down his BG's.  **sigh**

Cale complains about diabetes.  Who wouldn't?  The really amusing part in all of this was on Saturday night.  We had family movie night and watched "Grownups" (I was told it wasn't so bad for Cale to see, Ryan on the other hand....let's just say - they "out" the toothfairy!!!  It got really quiet in our living room at that point, but no questions.  We did play it up in the next scene when Adam Sandler was wearing a t-shirt that said U MASS.  Ryan thought it was funny that he had a bad word on his shirt and we explained it was short for University of Massachusetts.  He said, "Oh, I thought there was a D in the front of it!"  We totally played that up to help forget about the toothfairy.). 

After that movie, I had Cale test himself...he's BG was up there.  So I gave him yet another shot and we actually started watching "Gone With The Wind".  Cale was kinda enjoying it (he likes war...any war) and Ryan went in my room to watch iCarly and he fell asleep.  During the Intermission, I asked Cale if he would mind testing himself again to see how he was doing.  He looked up at me from the floor and said, "Yes, I do mind, but I will do it anyway".  He stands up and I hear him mutter "This is friggin' ridiculous!".  I lost it!!  I couldn't stop laughing and when Pat came back in the room, I told him and he couldn't stop laughing.  It is Friggin' Ridiculous!!!  He hit it right on the head!!!  Thankfully, he was 99!!!  YES!!!!

Then, as we were waiting for the Intermission to be over, Cale asked why they do an Intermission.  After we explained about old movies and how long this movie was and how they couldn't pause the movie to go to the bathroom back then, he said "But Strange Brew had on Intermission too...didn't it??".!!!


Unknown said...

Poor guy! I am glad that his numbers are finally "behaving". Same with Joe, when he is sick...BGs fine during the sickness...then after -> KABLAMMMO!

I didn't know he was nine...I look to all of you with older boys to guide me. Thank you.

And...on the Gone With The cool that he liked it.

Lora said...

I missed your post about the POD... I think that is when I was away for a few weeks. Thats scary, did they change their adhesive??

Glad everyone is feeling better. Justin battled the FLU for 5 days... missed the whole week of school. Not fun!

Joanne said...

Friggin' ridiculous... Ha!

As for the ketones thing, have you heard about a blood ketone meter? We love ours, but I know the strips are so expensive and not always covered by insurance. Just wanted to let you know in case you hadn't heard about them.

:) Tracie said...

Glad to hear he's feeling better! So far we've ditched the sick bugs around here.....we're into the Urgent Care bugs! (by the way, Jessi's cast was off last fracture says head of pain either...she played soccer Sat. and you wouldn't even know she had a cast on for a week) (poser)HA!

iCarly huh?! Ryan is SO the male version of Sam! Ashlee says that Justin Bieber as a child, looks exactly like Ryan does right now. She says Ryan will look like JB when he's older. She's kinda right on the looks part....maybe the money part too, right? That'd be nice!

Hope you guys are warming up....we're into a rain filled fun fun! Miss those 70's from last week......

Lorraine of "This is Caleb..." said...

Aw. Caleb missed his Valentine's Day party too and I love that he can also swallow his pills now.

And yes, it's friggin ridiculous. :)