Saturday, February 5, 2011

Having Fun in the Snow!!!

Today, we made the most of the crazy amount of snow that we received earlier this week.  All four of us suited up and drove out to Wonder Lake to go snowmobiling.  Yes, our snowmobile has been kept 35 miles away from home (the trails and fields are better out that way and there is more garage space for the sled - if we kept it here, we wouldn't even be able to fit my 1 car in our 3 car garage, like we do now - Thanks Papa and Nonnie!!!).  Not always an ideal situation, but not a bad set up.  Since my father-in-law (Papa) spends the winter in Florida, his snowmobile sits there, all lonely.  So Pat hopped on his snowmobile with Ryan and I took Papa's with Cale. 

Let me first say, the amount of snow we got was not always ideal for our ride.  The trails were not groomed well because the groomer couldn't really get out there.  To cross a road, we had to sled up the HUGE piles caused by the plows, stop and look, then head to the other side where we would have to gun it up that pile.  Needless to say, I am not the most experienced snowmobiler.  I am now, however, VERY experienced in burying snowmobiles in the snow!!!  I did it FOUR TIMES!!!! I also, WARNING....bad Mommy moment coming, "threw" Cale off the back of the sled at one point (I freaked out and he jumped up and was laughing hysterically!!  This is where the deep snow came in handy! The other riders that were nearby were giving him a thumbs up).  Pat was very patient and calm each and every time I buried one.  Even when he was waist deep in the snow trying to dig one out - with the help of 2 very kind men that stopped!  The last time I did it (which technically wasn't really my fault because I was following Pat's directions) we were only a couple blocks from the house.  I had to run up and get my Escape to pull it out!  FUN!!!

We all had a great time!  I can't wait to go out again, once some of the snow either melts or packs down more!  I am so sore from trying to keep the skis straight as they would get caught in the grooves of the tracks from other snowmobilers and pull us in one direction and that was not the direction I wanted to go. 

AND....Diabetes TOTALLY cooperated all day!!!  As we were getting ready to leave, I had Cale test himself and he was in the low 90's.  A little snack to help make it to lunch and we were on our way!  Over an hour later, at lunch, about 140 - not too bad.  And he didn't feel low the entire time!!  We were out for over 5 hours!  I did freak a little when we got home and he tested before he was going to eat dinner and it showed 367!!  Crap, no wonder he didn't feel low!!  I corrected and gave him the insulin for his dinner.  Not even an hour later and he said he felt low.  ???????  Seriously?!  He tested and was 92!!  Obviously, his pre-dinner BG was wrong!!!  So, the big D did cooperate today, just not his "ticker"!

Here are some pictures. 

Ryan and Cale waiting patiently to head out!!

Cale and Ryan on the side of the trails...I really liked when we rode through "woods".

My 3 snowmobiling guys!

Me and my 2 little snowmobilers....gotta love that all 3 of the males have really cool snowmobiling gear and I look all hodge-podge in whatever jacket, helmet and gloves that we could scrounge up!

I love this picture!  My 3 Arctic Cat Guys!!  See, they have cool jackets!

Here is the last time I got a sled stuck. (I so wanted to take a picture when he was waist deep - like another guy that rode by did - but I didn't want to add to the situation) You can't tell from this angle, but the tracks are totally buried!  That sled wasn't moving at all!!!

That is until I ran up and got my 4 wheel drive vehicle.  And that even took some doing!!!

Man...I hate cell phone pictures.  So fuzzy!!!  BRING A REAL CAMERA NEXT TIME ANDREA!!!


Joanne said...

Oh wow, that look s like so much FUN! The only time I've been on a snowmobile was when I jacked my knee up skiing, and patrol had to get me down the mountain.

Can I come play too?

:) Tracie said...

I'm so glad you had a chance to go out and have some fun!!!!!
Just think of the burried snowmobile as stuck it to it! HA!

You do look all hodge podge by the way....but warm.

LaLa said...

That sounds SO fun!! I was cracking up just reading it ---
We could tear it up out there!