Wednesday, January 12, 2011

The things kids say....

Yesterday, I was called in to work for our school secretary.  During the day, Cale came down to the office because he "felt low" (he wasn't, but soon would be if he didn't eat soimething).  While he was down there, he asked me if his teacher had told me what he said in class.  Now, I had spoken with her earlier in the day in regards to his homework, but nothing was said about what he said.  Turns out, his name was moved to the "yellow circle" for his little outburst.  I made him finish his snack and sent him on his way. 

So, right after school, both boys came down to the office to wait for me to finish up my day.  I am sitting at the desk, the principal is standing at the counter right next to me and Cale is sitting in one of the chairs in front of us.  I take this opportunity to ask him what the circumstances were for what he said in class.  This is how it went....

Me:  "What was happening in class today that made you say what you said?"

Cale:  "Well, we were discussing compound words and someone asked for an example.  So without thinking, I said Buttcrack."  (Like how he tried to cover his butt by adding the part about not thinking?)

This in turn made the principal laugh hysterically!!  How in the world am I supposed to enforce discipline when the head of the school is laughing about what he did?!  Needless to say, I told him that he shouldn't ever talk like that in school and to never do it again.

THEN, we finally get home from school and the boys are emptying out their folders and getting ready to do their homework.  Ryan calls me over to ask me a question about his math test that was returned to him.  Here is how this conversation went....

Ryan:  "Mommy, what are these red marks by these problems?"

Me:  "Those are check marks.  You got those problems wrong.  This number sentence for this word problem should be  7-2=5 not 8-2=6."

Ryan:  (Immediately sobbing) "But that's not what she read to us!!  She said 8!"

Me:  "Are you sure that she read it with an 8?" (thinking to myself, if she did she would have noticed that most of the other kids wrote 8 and not 7)

Ryan:  (hesitating)  "No!  But, I don't like to be wrong!!!"

He really, really doesn't like to be wrong!!  He will correct his teacher if she makes a mistake (I emailed her on how he "threw her under the bus" about his test and she found it very funny and told me that she knew he wouldn't be happy with that test because he likes to be right.  She also said it's a good thing he is pretty smart and that this isn't a normal test score for him - insert pride here!).  Also, keep in mind, he is very head strong and one time, when he and Pat were going back and forth on something, he walked out of the room and muttered "I'm right, you're wrong!".

Just wanted to share that little bit of amusement!


Unknown said...

The "buttcrack" story soooooo sounds like something Joe would say. The Principal sounds Principals with a sense of humor - LOL.

Your kids are entertaining!

LaLa said...

buttcrack - bahahaha! Nice!!
Gotta love all of the potty humor. :)

:) Tracie said...

Hysterical! Only your boys would think to yell out buttcrack! Thing is....he's correct!!!
That is too funny that the principal laughed out loud...

Nice extra money made in the process too!

Lora said...

Well... that IS a compound word :/

I totally laughed when I read that... so funny!