Monday, December 20, 2010

It's Someone's BIrthday!!!!

Let me first start off by saying, I had BIG plans for this post!  Pictures, pictures, pictures!!  BUT, I have torn my house apart and cannot find my baby picture album ANYWHERE and I have zero clue where my parent's keep their pictures from our younger days....

That being said...Happy Birthday to Tracie over at Such Is Life!!!!  What are you now....48. 49????  Kidding...I know you are 45!  ( tummy hurts from laughing!!!!!)

In all seriousness, I hope you have a great birthday and are treated like a Queen!!! 
 (Again...I'm so funny! A Queen??!!  Your fam??!!)


:) Tracie said...

HOLY COW!!!!! Look at my butt!
My tummy is twice that size now...and baking doesn't help!

Ahhh young padua...losing your mind we are....I am but a mere 43. (shut up, stop laughing)
Just because you can still claim 30's this year......and this'll be the last birthday you can do that.....doesn't mean you're not the captain of the old boat! Ha!

I just saw this today....see, old age makes ya slow! Thanks for outing me in my boy shorts! (Of course, pink is not in my wardrobe either)

By the way....your parents have the pictures somewhere in their basement...remember the box they pulled out when we visited that summer? And I TOTALLY know where my mom keeps her pictures of our childhood......

Andrea said...

Well now that you have told me where my parents keep their pictures, BRING IT ON!!!!!