Tuesday, November 23, 2010

My Seventh Sense

Yes...that's right, my Seventh Sense. 

I posted not too long ago about my Sixth Sense...the one where I wake up out of a totally sound sleep and decide to test Cale's BG only to find that he has gone low.  I kinda like that one and wish it worked all of the time.  How much would that rock?!  I could sleep and sleep and only wake up when absolutely necessary.  Dare to dream!

So back to my Seventh Sense...yesterday was a beautiful day here in Northern Illinois.  Sunny and 67.  Gorgeous!!  Storms were going to be rolling in midafternoon.  No big whoop...right?!  Not so fast.... 

I spent most of my day at the school doing my "Miracle Mom" work (I go in once a week and do any and all projects that the teachers might need done) and finally got out of there around 1:00.  I had to pay some bills and go to the bank, so off I went.  Now, the boys get out of school at 2:45 everyday.  On Monday's and Tuesday's, Cale stays after for a Reading Group that lasts until 3:30 when I pick him up.  On my drive back home, around 2:00, I decided to pick up the phone and call the school to have them tell Cale to skip Reading Group and come straight home.  I knew if a decent storm came through while he was in there, that deep down, he would be FREAKING OUT!!  He does this every time there is a dark cloud in the sky ever since January, 2008. 

It's 3:15, everyone is home (including Pat - which is a miracle because every time this happens, he is not home).  The boys are getting ready to do homework when the phone rings.  It's my mom telling me a tornado has touched down at an intersection VERY near our house.  That's when I heard the sirens.  The boys go running to grab their "blankets" and I grab my cell phone and Cale's Diabetes backpack and we head to the basement.  Pat, heads to the front porch to watch the entire thing (I have still not forgiven him for that.  The boys were freaking out, wanting him down with them and he is getting to see everything that is happening.  SO NOT FAIR!!!!!).  Finally, the all clear is given and we go check out the sky to see the aftermath and to see if anymore is coming. 

Luckily for us, the tornado hit about 2 miles away from us.  Thankfully, no one was seriously injured - anywhere.  A school bus was "lucky" enough to be right where the tornado touched down, it flipped a few times and landed in a corn field.  There were five children and the driver on the bus.  Minor injuries and I am sure there will be some hesitation for getting back on a school bus, but everyone is ok.  Our school secretary's house and barn did get hit.  They were able to stay in the house last night, but there is still some damage to look into. Other's weren't so lucky.  One of our teacher's owns the house and barn right next door.  They haven't moved in yet as they are totally remodeling the house first.  House survived, can't say as much for most of her beautiful barn. 

So, as you can see, my Seventh Sense told me to make sure Cale was at home when the tornado touched down.  Granted, it didn't go anywhere near the school, but how would I have known that while sitting in my basement??  I had him within arms reach the entire time.  I knew where my kids were.  The children of several people I know, were still on the bus on the way home from school.  All of our drivers kicked butt taking care of them and got them into basements as soon as they could.  Scary, a school bus load of kids all in one basement.  Can you imagine???  Some of those kids are really little.  They wouldn't have a clue what was going on and probably just wanted their parents. 

Here are some pictures of the actual tornado and some of what was left in it's aftermath...

These are just a few.  There was A LOT more damage than this, but you get the idea.  Several houses were leveled.  A village hall is no longer.  Silos are laying out in corn fields.  Pools look like a giant stepped on them.  Trees and power lines down everywhere.  Debris all over the place.  Cars are totalled.  Thankfully, no one was seriously hurt.  Thanksgiving is not going to be as festive this year for some people, but they will surely have something to be thankful for...to be alive.  According to our school secretary, everything that was lost, can be replaced.

We have some crazy weather out here.  A tornado in January of 2008 took out a lot of Edward's Apple Orchard and several other houses.  Now on November 22, 2010, another tornado takes out even more homes, businesses and farms. 

AND....School was cancelled today because 4 of the 6 schools in our district were still without power. I found this out 10 minutes after they woke up for the day!  That made for a VERY LONG DAY!!!  This means the boys have a 6 day weekend!!!  I am gonna need some wine....STAT!!!!!


:) Tracie said...

Yep....I'll take earthquakes....hands down. Don't miss that kinda weather for nothin'!

Though, I've never seen things THAT bad. Not even when the tornado ripped through Bartlett. But had I been able to drive, I probably would've gone looking instead of on a bicycle.

Is that the school bus that flipped with the kids on it? That's crazy!

By the looks of our skies right now, you'd think a tornado was coming. Would be if I was there with you! I can't believe you're really mad because YOU weren't on the porch! You crazy!

At least our earthquakes don't last long. Any I've ever been in anyways. (thank God) But I'd still choose them over that insanity!!!

Lora said...

Wow! I can't imagine. I likey our seventh sense.

LaLa said...

Ugh - that made me cry too! I'm so glad your 7th sense kicked in!!

I wish I had that 6th sense all of the time too! That would ROCK!