Sunday, November 7, 2010


So I am a little behind getting some pics up from Halloween.  Whatcha gonna do?  You don't scare me!!!!

Here are my military guys.  I really can't say Army guys because I think Ryan was some sort of paratrooper and Cale was....let's put it this way, they talk about soooooo many different military things that I don't have a clue about, so I tend to just smile and nod.  You kinda have to, it's all they ever talk about!!!

Private Ryan - no saving needed

I would hate to meet up with this face!

Or this face!!!!

Ryan took every opportunity to play combat while trick or treating.

I actually really like this picture!  Thinking of getting it framed.

Cale and his friend Ryan.  This was his first year that he
didn't have to go trick or treating with Mommy.  He did, however,
get to go with Ryan (and his parents)!  I think he enjoyed
that a lot more than going with me!

Private Cale...contemplating his next move.

He's so serious!!

The boys are constantly playing military, WWII, Vietnam, etc.....  The only thing I had to get for Halloween this year was candy and face paint.  You have got to love that!!!

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Lora said...

They look so cool... err... I mean "ready for combat" :)

Justin would get along with your boys SOOO well. Thats all he plays with the little boy across the street.

BTW: love the guns!