Monday, May 17, 2010

He Did It Again!!!

I am so proud of Cale...he wrote an essay and once again, he won a scholarship to ADA Camp for this summer!!!  He cannot wait to go.  He had so much fun last year.  He made friends.  He really connected with one of the teenage counselors.  He was JUST LIKE EVERYONE ELSE!!!! 

So, towards the end of June, we will all pack up to stay near the campgrounds and we will have a mini vacation in good old Des Plaines, Illinois!!!  Sounds lame, but camp is close to 60 miles away from our house...we are so hoteling it!!!!

Cale on his first day of camp in 2009...he looks so little!!!!!

Next summer....overnight camp!!

All of my boys having fun in the hotel pool last year!

Friends...big and small!!


:) Tracie said...


Way to go Cale! I am so proud of you!

Anonymous said...

Fantastic - congratulations!

Wendy said...


Sounds SO COOL :)