Sunday, March 28, 2010

It's Someone's Birthday!!!!

And it's a big one!!  I won't give the specific number, but she's not 59 and not quite 61!  Any idea????

Happy Birthday Mom!!!!  We hope you had a great day and we all hope that you were happy with your "Surprise Party"!! 

Here's a picture of Mom with her very, very, very good friend Cathy at dinner.

The entire family went out to dinner at Niko's in Huntley and we surprised Mom with inviting Cathy and her husband Chuck.  It was a great time!!  Good food, good laughs, cake, presents and Sea Breezes!!!!

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:) Tracie said...

60? Holy cow she's old! Holy crap....I'm old!!

She looks SO happy in that picture! Great job surprising her, hope you guys all had a great time!