Sunday, February 21, 2010

Totally jinxing myself

As soon as I type this, EVERYTHING will change.  No doubt about it.  Cale has actually been doing better off of the pump than he was for the last couple of months that he was using it.  The allergy thing really sucked the "fun" out of using the pump.  It bothered him to no end and it consumed his daily thoughts.  Seriously!!  We had his parent/teacher conference on Thursday night and we realized that he hadn't been down to see the nurse, outside of morning check and lunch time, for over a month!!!  There, I've done it now.  He will be down there all day tomorrow!!!

His numbers have been incredibly within range (a few highs and lows sprinkled in).  Once again, I have done it.  He will sky rocket over night or drop way low!!!!  He seems so much happier, too!  We have discussed going back on the pump and he flat out said "NO".  I said maybe when he gets a little older.  He agreed and even agreed to "try" a pod again really soon to see how it affects his skin.  I think I am in the minority when I say that giving the daily shots isn't that big of a deal.  Granted, hitting a couple of buttons was fantastic (I miss the sound of the insulin "pumping" in) but going back to the old fashion way, isn't that horrible.  We are even using syringes, not the pens.  I have a knack for drawing up 1/4 units with my naked little eye!!!!  Pens only let you give by the half unit.

Cale has even started drawing up is own insulin.  He still won't get close to giving himself a shot, but I did indicate on his camp application that that was one of my goals for him at camp.  Wait and see.  Wait and see.

So that's the latest on the pump front. He isn't using it.  Anyone know someone who is willing to buy 3 boxes of pods????  Seriously.  The company sent out his order way before they were supposed to (not very thrilled about that considering the one time I needed them sooner was like going through Congress and this time, when they are not needed, they are shipped almost 3 weeks early!  Money grows on trees right??), so now I have an abundance of pods and no one to wear them!!  I guess I could do e-bay?!


:) Tracie said...

It's great to hear he's doing well with going back to shots. He probably loves the freedom of not being connected to anything, and it seems evident in the lack of nurse office visits.

Stupid insurance companies. Only what suits them is how they play.

Don't forget you can get the BD 1/2 unit marking syringes to help with the wag (wild a** guess) quarter units!

Heard your dad got a new dog. Think this one's gonna "smell"?! ;)

Christine said...

So how did today go? Jinxy?