Monday, November 23, 2009

Basketball - Week 3 Hockey - Week 5

Basketball, week 3 brought on some new techniques and more drills.  Cale loved it!  He has done great with dribbling, but has started getting better at bouncing from one hand to the other.  They had some dribbling races and, for the most part, he kept pretty good control of the ball. (If I could figure out how to download videos, I would have several here...but the little icon that I need is not on my tool bar - what's up with that???)  Cale has also been working on shooting.  Sometimes, he is too far under the basket, but his "coach" really works with him.  Once Cale is shown how to do something, he heads to the back of the line, waits for his next turn and when it is his time, he does EXACTLY what the "coach" told him last time.  It is so cute.  Ah...the memories of high school and basketball games!  Walking into the gym brings about a smell that makes me feel 17 again!!!  I don't know if that is good or not.  Especially since I am bringing my 8-1/2 year old son to play basketball.  There is not a lesson this week because of Thanksgiving.  Cale was really bummed about that, especially since this would have been the only Tuesday that Daddy wasn't teaching and would be able to come and watch.  But, Daddy surprised him and was able to get next Tuesday off so that he can come and watch.  Now he is a happy boy!!!

Practicing dribbling.

Nike ad...even though he is wearing FILA.

Onto Hockey - Week 5.  Unfortunatly, due to circumstances beyond my control (and if you know Ryan - you completely understand) there was no Week 4 hockey.  But, skipping one week really didn't do Ryan any harm.  He went out onto the ice without a chair AT ALL!!!!  He took off!  Pat would skate to one side of the rink and Ryan would make his way to him, stick in hand.  Oh, of course he fell.  That ice is slippery!!  If you could see my vidoes (I know, I know) you would be surprised at how good he did.  You would also get to see Pat almost fall!!!  And, we realized that those of us in the bleachers need to keep quiet when Ryan is on a roll.  Every time, and I mean every time, Ryan was going at it, we would make a positive comment and BAM onto the ice he would fall!!!  He was pretty wiped out after this practice.  Unfortunately, lessons on Friday night, after a very long week of kindergarten, takes a toll on a little man.  He also banged his elbow up, but once we left the rink, he forgot all about it.  He was still very pleased with his sweaty hair after taking off his helmet.  Only one more week left of this lesson (next week because of Thanksgiving) and he is done until January.  Although, according to him in the car after this past week, he's all done.  Not so my man, not so.  He is doing good and always wants to go, he just gets tired.  Who wouldn't???


:) Tracie said...

Ryan doesn't want to play hockey anymore? Really? The kid with no fear? It probably does have to do with being tired and all the week long events, but I'll bet he sleeps really well afterwards!

Cale looks like he was made for basketball! With his height and the determination to get it right, he very well may be a Nike ad, or even Gatorade. (G2 of course) Not to mention another sports figure advocating for awareness!

Glad the boys are having fun. You can smell the gymnasium all you want, you're still old!

Lauren said...

YEAH! I like updates! Cale sure fits the basketball profile of tall and thin! He looks so natural!