Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Basketball - Week 2

Cale had his second basketball lessons today.  He had so much fun!!  He started out with dribbling and doing some practice drills.  Then they learned guarding.  The boys were paired up and showed how to guard each other.  Well, I don't think that Cale knew that basketball ISN'T a contact sport.  He was grabbing kids and pulling them down to get the ball.  Kinda funny.  Then he figured it out.  No contact!  Once that was established, he did great!  The kids were split into teams and had a little scrimmage game.  He made 3 baskets and was awesome at rebounding!! 

It was really cute to see the kids playing.  Some would get the ball and just start running, without dribbling the ball.  Some tried to guard their own teammates (Cale included). 

Cale said that he had a great time!  I really hope that the fun continues because I really think he will do well in this sport.  Now to just figure out how to handle his blood sugar during this time.  He dropped very quickly tonight.  But, he downed about 4 glucose tabs and was good to go.  Next week, we will try something different.  Just not sure exactly what I will do. 

Oh, and I am sorry there are no pictures.  I did have the camera with me, I just totally forgot while watching the kids play!!!  Next week!


:) Tracie said...

That had to be funny to watch! It's cute when they're learning the rules and aren't really too sure.
Jes had difficulty understanding some of the soccer terms in the beginning and her team would sometimes do the craziest things!

Basketball seems so perfect for him! Must be a little hard to gauge numbers because he's still hooked up to his pod while playing. That's an advantage we have...unhooking. It'll be dialed in soon, I'm sure.

Lauren said...

Um...still waiting for an update from week 3 - and some pictures!