Wednesday, November 4, 2009

Air Sowers

Cale had his first basketball lesson last night at the YMCA.  At first, we weren't sure if he was going to go because his Blood Sugars were running really high.  He had even come home early from school to help get them down (they are now down and looking good).  We had changed his pod and he lounged around the rest of the afternoon and seemed really tired.  But once we got outside and were on our way...look out!!!  Fresh air is amazing!

Cale is the oldest in his group.  The ages for this class are 6 - 8 years old.  He is also the tallest in the group, but no surprise there (I could tell that his teacher was really excited about that...he kept mentioning it and even commented that he would have to raise the net to accomodate him!!!). 

He did really good!!!  He kept control of the ball while dribbling.  He was shooting really good and was hitting most of the practice lay ups!  He commented that he really had some trouble bouncing the ball from hand to hand while standing still.  I told him that is why you practice.  Daddy has just cleaned the basement and there is plenty of room to practice all types of dribbling!  He's all for it!

He told me this morning that he really had a good time and cannot wait until next week. I am so glad. I hope he continues on! Another signing bonus to help with Mommy and Daddy's retirement!!! Who could ask for more?????

The shoes...once they are paired with Basketball attire...not so bad!

Warming up....and so color coordinated!

Gotta stretch!!!!!

Practicing passing.

My cool dude!!!!

Better pictures will be coming in the next weeks...


Lauren said...

YEAH!!!! Tell him the dribbling thing will get easier - I can even do it with my right hand! I am so excited! Let him know if he wants a practice partner, I'll be there!

:) Tracie said...

I'm assuming you're signing him up for Basketball when he's familiar with the basics? Seems like the perfect sport for him, especially with his height!

Noticed the arm band. What is that? An arm wrap or one of those sprained ankle wraps? Pretty clever way to cover up the pod and keep it from being ripped off accidentally during play. You could be really color co-ordinated and make it blue like the shoes.