Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Camp Update

Here I am at the hotel computer. Not much privacy here seeing I am basically in the lobby. But I wanted to update everyone on how Cale is doing at Camp Confidence. HE LOVES IT!! When I picked him up yesterday and asked how it was, his reply was "I am totally coming back next year and the year after that I want to go to overnight camp!". I guess he likes it. The only downside has been that the pool at the camp has been having pump problems and will not be open all week. They were supposed to swim everyday at the end of the day. So now they are just playing a lot of water games. He was soaked when I picked him up today. Good thing, this weather is unbearable already!! Tomorrow is supposed to be close to 100 with the heat index!!!! Frozen water bottles will be packed for the day!! At least he can come straight back to the hotel and go directly into that pool, which is where are right now with Daddy. They are having a ball!!!


:) Tracie said...

Totally cool that he loves camp!!!

We are headed for a pump class tomorrow to learn combo bolus'. Trying to edumacate ourselves more!

No fair getting our weather! We can't even get higher than the 80's

Lauren said...