Monday, January 26, 2009

Thumbs Up!!!!

"It didn't hurt at all!!!" - Cale Sowers 1/26/09

It's a go!!! We are getting the Omni Pod. The rep that came to our house today said that we should be pumping within 2 weeks! I had thought March, but I'll take it! Wouldn't it be great for Cale to have it before his Valentine's Day party? All I would have to do is hit a button and no one would have a clue!

AND...the rep did say that it won't be too much longer (a few more years) and the Continuous Glucose Monitoring system will be integrated with the pod. Aside from a cure, that is AWESOME!! An alarm when you are going "low" and it will even tell you when you are on the rise all in one infusion site.

Well, I'm off to fill out the paperwork and fax it in. Next comes the training with the nurse from our doctor's office and we are shot free!!!!


:) Tracie said...

WOO HOO !!!!!!

And in the belly even! It makes me cry, these little kids being so so brave!

(If Cale ever has a problem with insertion, there is a numbing cream that helps to take the ity bity sting out, and makes for less stressful site changes, it's called Lidocaine and Prilocaine Creme 2.5%/2.5% and comes in a 30 gram tube.)

:) Tracie said...

Oh, and there's a GREAT adhesive that withstands the shower/sweating pretty good. It's called SKIN TAC and it comes in wipes or liquid and you can order from a website ( and it's reasonably priced. Works really well for Jes, because there will be times the adhesive may need a little extra help to last those 3 days.

Lauren said...

That is very exciting!