Wednesday, January 14, 2009

3 Month Check-up was that time once again. Mommy's report card. Cale had his 3 month check up with his endo and we received his A1C...7.6. I was shocked!!! I really expected it to be higher, but we actually went down .1%. Not bad...a 6.6 would be better, but I'll take the 7.6. (For those of you who may be saying "Andrea, what the heck are you talking about?" A1C is a 3 month average of Cale's blood glucose numbers. Ideally, they would like him at 6 or below. However, the 7's are not bad for a kid. They are pleased. Keep in mind, when he was first diagnosed, his A1C was 10.4...were talking about a blood glucose average over 250.) Oh yeah...and the turd is 4 foot 6-1/4 inches tall. Totally off the charts!!! He also weighs 64.4 pounds...95th percentile. Tall and skinny...he surely doesn't get that from me.

We talked to the doctor about the Omni Pod once again....AND WE GOT THE GREEN LIGHT!!!

First things first, I had him write a little note giving the rep permission to insert a pod on Cale containing saline - just like I had done a couple of months ago. Once we do that, it is fill out the paper work, verify everything with our insurance, have a couple of meetings...and it's pumping time!!! I am excited and Cale seems to be, too. I just hope that he still wants it after one is inserted on him. I think he will. It was a piece of cake.

That's about it on the home front. Just working on staying warm...easy thing to do - just don't go outside!!!


:) Tracie said...

Go Mommy......Go Mommy.....

Omnipod here you come! That's so awesome, and it's going to be so much easier and less painful for Cale...and you! I'm proud of your persistence and management with Cale, I know this'll be a blessing!

Now to work on our A1C's.....

Christine said...

Yay!!!!! I'm so happy for you too!
Keep up the good work!