Tuesday, December 2, 2008

Little Pat

This is Ryan at the nursing home on Thanksgiving running around saying he was Daddy. IS HE EVER!!! This child has a stubborn streak that could choke a horse. He is always saying "I can do it myself" (I heard you love it Nonnie!) - which is fine and dandy, but god forbid you ask if he needs any help - he'll bite your head off. He is very adamant about what he believes to be true. If he asked you what color the sky was and you replied blue, he would say it was red and NOT BACK DOWN!!! (Auntie Lauren, remember the violin??) And to top it all off, Pat thinks it is hilarious!!!! Try dealing with it all day! Oh and he never backs down from a scuffle with Cale. He will fight it out (hmmm...like how someone else I know was years ago...banned for life from the Gambler - TWICE). Lord help me when he is a teenager. I think by then Jack Daniels may be my best friend (and sadly his too!!)
I just need to always think about how he looks when he is sleeping (charging his battery as my dad says) and how cute he is and cuddly (not to mention quiet).


Nama said...

But he is still soooo cute!!!

Lauren said...

It was NOT a violin....I still hold strong on that one!