Sunday, October 5, 2008

Wild West Town is Best in Autumn!!!!

On Saturday, Auntie Lauren and Mommy took the boys to the Wild West Town. We have gone there for the past several years with Papa and Nonnie in the summer time, but Mommy promised them we would go in October when the train goes through the HAUNTED TUNNEL!!!!

They had a ball!! No offense to Papa and Nonnie, but the Wild West Town is so much better in the Autumn. It is decorated up so nicely. There are pumpkin decorating contests, no bees, no sweat, pumpkin picking and everything else that is available during the summer (including the show and canoe rides!!!)

There are two different train rides depending on the time. One takes you through the HAUNTED TUNNEL (insert spooky music here) and the other takes you out to see the Indian Chief. When we first arrived, we were given beads to wear (in case you thought we were at Mardi Gras - Auntie Lauren kept her shirt on the whole time). When we go to the Indian Reservation we were met by an Indian Guide who explained that the Indian Chief (who did not speak - he only used sign language) would be happy to trade pumpkins for some treasures. Each child had to go up to the Chief and present him with the beads. He would then inspect them and allow them to pick a pumpkin. Ryan really wanted a teeny, tiny pumpkin (as he does every year) but they only had large ones. They both let their pumpkins wear their hats for pictures.

After we left the Wild West Town, we stopped at a smaller pumpkin patch and Ryan got his tiny pumpkin (it's on his lap as he is sleeping - gotta love fresh air!!!). The boys had a great time and I think Auntie Lauren had fun too. She had never been there before!!! Deprived child!!!


:) Tracie said...

I'm amazed that they STILL have those Indy hats! We're waiting until the last minute for pumpkins here, of course your scenery is much better!

Lauren said...

Uh, how could you forget to mention Happy Jack's? Making "mish mosh" out of Superman Ice Cream is way cool and should receive an honorable mention!!!

Lauren said...

You also forgot to mention that I drove home from McHenry (for the second time that day) just so you could sleep! And, now the boys know where the Gambler is and your old house still has the same curtains!!!