Monday, October 13, 2008

Mall of America

I just had a great weekend at The Mall of America with my mom, Lauren and Chris. (Even if it wasn't Paris, it was just as good!!!! - Lauren) It was so relaxing. I didn't yell once (except at Lauren to make her stop teasing me...that is the only luggage I have - BITE ME!!!!!) I will be back there very soon, however it will most likely not be as relaxing as Cale and Ryan (naaaa) will be going with to see the Nickelodeon theme park and Lego Land. They are going to love it!!! Grandpa and Grandma are going to go back with us after Christmas. (Daddy says he will pass.) I guess there won't be too much shopping going on with that trip except at Lego Land (I think they will pee in their pants!!!!) They loved the pictures and all of their new goodies, but since there is no school today, there has been non-stop arguing. Man do they know how to do their job. And they do it so GOOD!!!!

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Christine said...

Nice pictures Ya-Ya!