Thursday, August 14, 2008

Will Summer Ever End???

With Mommy slowly but surely losing her mind (even though many of you out there thought she had already lost it....) summer is coming to an end.

Only 11 more days until the first day of second grade for Cale. He is not thrilled with this idea and has already been fighting the earlier bed time, but both Cale and Ryan need some time apart, before they really do some damage to each other (never mind the stitches Cale needed after Ryan whacked him in the head with a golf club last week!!!). Don't get me wrong, they have their great moments. But those are few and far between. Then the yelling and hitting starts and then Mommy needs a time out!!

It will be nice to get back into a school schedule again, but sleeping in was nice. was GREAT!!! We averaged around 9:00 a.m. for the most part (thank you California!!!)

We had a fun summer, did a lot of great things, made a lot of fun memories (like our visit to the Queen Mary as seen above), but now it is time to look towards the fall...and not a moment too soon as they are fighting while I am typing!!!

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:) Tracie said...

Ash goes back the 25th and Jes the 2nd. Not only did you pick up sleeping skills from us, but apparently fighting skills too! Sorry to hear about the stitches...ouch. Nice picture, pretty cool actually.