Monday, August 25, 2008

Cale's 1st Day of Second Grade

Cale had his first day of second grade today...did you hear the angels singing?! If not, be sure to listen tomorrow morning as he will have a full day of school instead of a half day!!! He really likes his classroom and his teacher and is excited about the rest of the school which just had a huge addition constructed.

While he was at school, Mommy got out her Autumn decorations. The calendar may still say Summer, but with school starting, it is really Autumn and Autumn ROCKS!!!


papa said...

Love that boy and his family. Nonnie wants to know when his first day off is and knows Mommie is counting the days. Nonnie and Papa

:) Tracie said...

Summer sure went by fast! Glad you're enjoying a little bit of peace and quiet.

Lauren said...

Wow...he looks so big! What a cutie! I hope he enjoyed picking out his back to school outfit!