Tuesday, July 6, 2010

I'm here!!

Yes...I am here!!  Summer is in full swing and my computer is not!!!  It has to be sent away for repairs for 2-4 weeks (WHAT!?!?).  So for now, I am using my neighbor's extra laptop, which means no pictures can be posted because they are all on my laptop!!

So here is what is new...Cale went the the ADA Camp in June and LOVED IT!!!  Thankfully, it was not the hottest week of the year again like it was last year.  AND thankfully, the pool was open this year, unlike last year!! AND thankfully, the weather cooperated for all but one morning the entire week!  He had a blast!  He got to see his friends from last year and he made several new ones - including a very cute girl that lives right by the in-laws!!!  He got to see her again when we went to the 4th of July parade in Wonder Lake.  So adorable, when they first saw eachother there, they were so shy and then SNAP they were having a ball!!  Actually pretty funny to see two children with diabetes scrambling for all of the candy that was being thrown!  Also turns out that Pat's parents know her grandparents.  Small world!!!  It was great to find someone from camp that lives so close.  Everyone else from last year lived closer to Chicago.

Next week, we are going to attend the open house for the overnight camp that Cale will, hopefully, be attending next year (gotta get the application in right away. There is a huge waiting list for this year!)  His new friend will also be going to check it out.  He heard a lot about overnight camp from the counselors at day camp and is really starting to get excited about it.  I am too...no hotel for the week, sleep through the night (sounds ideal, probably won't happen...chances are that I will be up most nights worrying) and no math!!!!  I will post camp pics as soon as my computer is back...maybe.  By then it will be old news. 

The week before camp, we and by we I mean, my mom, the boys and I, braved it and went to Chicago for the Blackhawks parade.  We woke up SUPER early to take the train there and am I glad we took the first train out.  IT WAS PACKED!!!!  The train actually had to skip some stops.  It was standing room only and packed with people in red and black.  Thankfully, we got on at the very first stop. We actually got a pretty good spot on the parade route.  Cale was right on the street thanks to a VERY nice man who was there with his younger daughter.  Everyone around us was so nice and excited!  Only drawbacks, Ryan was being a pain in the butt (almost like how he acts when there is a full moon...those who know him know exactly what I am talking about!), it was kinda hot and the parade started late so they seemed to drive past us pretty quickly in order to get to the rally on time.  And the biggest drawback of all, Pat had to work.  He has waited his entire life for the Hawks to win the Stanley Cup and then he couldn't get off of work!  However, he insisted I take the boys so that they could say they were there.  We had ticker tape fall all over us, we saw the players AND WE SAW THE CUP!!!!!  It was great!!!  We made the very smart decision to skip the rally (hello....we were a mere 4 people out of an estimated 2 million!!) and went to lunch at a pizza place and watched most of it on the tv there.  We couldn't watch all of it, had to haul butt back to the train station in order to get a seat on the train back.  Luckily, we made it and we got seats!!!  It was memorable!  Again, I will post pics later, but by then....old news!!

This Saturday we will travel down to Coal City for Danny and Chris' wedding reception party/picnic.  Weather looks very promising.  Can't wait!  It should be a great time!

In two weeks, Cale is attending a Diabetes Basketball Camp near here for a few days.  He has been playing ball at the YMCA and now is excited to be going to this camp.  Added bonus....it's free!!!!

Other plans for this summer include going to Six Flags, Magic Waters, Silver Lake Beach and lots of swimming at the neighbor's house!!!  Pat and I are also hoping to take Cale up to Wolf River in Wisconsin for white water rafting.  We just need to find a place where the minimum age isn't 12.  He would have so much fun rafting!!  That is the perfect river to him to go his first time!!  And let's not forget...August 14th, Lauren and I are going to see Bret Michaels in concert with Firehouse and Warrant!!  Woo Hoo!!!!  8th row baby!!!  ROCK ON!!! 

So, that's what is happening here.  Busy, busy, busy!!


:) Tracie said...

Your mom told me about the parade, sounds like it was fun. Great pictures you took! We decided to stay home and skip the Lakers parade, aww shucks.

Camp is so great for Cale...I'm really glad you guys are gutsy enough to have him go to sleepover camp when the time comes. I've heard he's doing SO WELL in managing his own care! And the comment he made to you about doing this for 3 years....priceless!

I believe Jessi has his digits in her cell now, thanks to your dad. We were joking how she could crank call him and he'd take awhile to figure out who it was. (don't worry, she won't)(or maybe she will..)
It was so good to see your folks, I hated leaving! It's time to schedule a trip one of these summers!

I'm working on the boys' VERY late bday gifts. Along with Dan and Chris' gift. What a loser! Could I be any later?!? (don't answer that)

Sounds like you have some fun planned for the summer. We're doing local stuff too. Hit the beach Monday, was overcast...but we still got burned! The RV comes in handy, cruise it down to the beach, eat lunch in it, use the potty....livin' large baby!!!

Jessi's got swimmers ear and has to stay out of the pool for awhile, but that's ok....the east coast has all our hot weather and we're sporting 70's....until the weekend, then we're supposed to be 90's. So rough.

Lorraine of "This is Caleb..." said...

This is a great busy! So glad to hear things are going so well and that camp was such a huge success!